Hi WIG friends..

time to turn the lights back on in my rather ramshackle 'office' attached to the grounds crew's storage shed. I've got a few dull pencils, some scraps of paper, and an ancient bulletin board with a articles torn from all manner of strange magazines..

I stumble around, dig through a very worn desk, and in the top drawer under some stale chewing gum. some rusted paper clips and golf tees, I find a passably workable pin and put this latest up on the board..somewhere near the center.


yeah, it's been too long to contemplate such things ..Universes and such things, and I grab some old yarn, and wrap it around this pin and attach it to a couple other articles ..

connections, always connections..

my coffee is cold, and my fingers are getting a bit stiff and numb - the winter is coming early this year. So is this 'everything' the result even in some sort of non-linear expression of time, of this so described 4 Dimensional Star making some kind of connection with some kind of equivalent Black Hole?

Mathematically - it might fit..

Staggering ..

So while time is apparently a construct of this 3 Dimensional expression of the multi-verse ..and in the vastness of our pale little universe, this little 'carve-out' of a planet on the inner edge of an obscure ring of an equally obscure galaxy on some big cosmic 'thread' ..let gravity find you well and happy, and ready to play some golf ..

I've got some clubs to clean and probably see if I can get the tractor started.. some leaves to compost and 'the Dude' is giving some lessons later, suspect he might need some practice balls up on the range.

Mirage or not - the sun, our Sun, our little light in an otherwise very cold and dark place is coming up..

things to do ..

cheers for now