apparently - it's all about Quantum Fields ...

at least according to some of these incredible minds..

I lack the intellectual horsepower to do anything other than offer, 'sounds cool' .. and I must confess, 'wait for the intersection of the quantum fields' doesn't have quite the same ring as 'wait for the weight'..

but it might seem that the event horizon that holds our beloved Crackpot National Golf & CC (est. 2011) with its eternal motto 'everyone only' on the ancient plaque on the entrance.. held in the embrace of an incredibly expensive stable wormhole ..which is no longer all about a specially collapsed hyper massive star - but rather the result of specially designed Quantum Fields..that holds all of the available 'space time' 'just so' ..

it takes a lot to allow those who seek her the chance to play golf for all time ..

but it's worth it..

anyway - I hope this leaves your heart a bit lighter..

we're all just energy..

so in 2018 ..we'll keep it positive. the new white sand for the bunkers delivered..time to sneak in a few practice balls.. I think I see the Dude and Gary up on the Range..hope they've left a few of the Pigaman NBF (nothing but fairway) golf balls for me..

where did I leave that 9iron?

cheers for now