I think it's often quoted and thrown about quite a bit ..'You are your golf swing'... many days for me, that's a lot to live either up or down to. Clearly the Great Game is one I love and have devoted substantial hours to. My hope had always been to build some kind of proper Capacity to have a chance to actually come close to being able to play this game. I suspect I'm not alone in this, and having spent amazing amounts of time, mental focus and practice to learning technique(s) and any number of seemingly arcane bits of information.

Looking back now, much, probably most if not all, of that time was likely wasted - don't get me wrong, I had fun, it looked a little like dedication and I learned a bunch of ways about how not to go about practice - and here's maybe one of the more interesting things that happened during the now 'dust covered' 2017 campaign that in its way is moving me forward for 2018.

Capacity - it's an interesting concept - and I come to this armed with what I'll try and pass off some some sort of fresh insight - but first a seemingly tangential story: some weeks ago, before the snow and cold set up in determined interest, I played a few holes of late season golf, little practice course not far from where I live, played it many times, written about it on a few occasions... and 2017 is no different (nor 2018 either .)..

I hit a few balls pretty darn well - some rust, much of it mental, and the reappearance of some of my usual follies .. but saw and experienced something kind of interesting and unexpected. I felt my core fire both in stability and in the through swing at least once during those holes. I'm quite honestly not sure if ever in my life I have had that sort of athletic moment in my golf life - I was completely unaware that such things could happen. Please trust me - I'm not kidding, literally was 'core blind' during a golf swing. A quick bit of backstory, about this time last year I devoted substantial time and effort to embarking on the beginnings of a weight loss and fitness regime - during 2017, I lost a bit over 40 pounds and among other mini-adventures, found myself working with a Personal Trainer in the Spring and it's there that the later appearance of my core begins. Since about March - I've done all manner of small muscle exercises, core exercises, some High Intensity stuff, a bunch of Suspension training (TRX) and then graduated to some more intense weight training.

I can share this with you, it's very hard, I'm no athlete, and none of this has come easily - if and when it arrived at all. I also can encourage you to seriously seek this sort of workout for your own life - realizing that what is good for me, may not be good for you - but having to work hard at balance, moving weight around, build endurance, core strength and mental discipline is an enormous help both on the golf course and in life.

I'll share some of the stuff it there's interest - it's very cool and it was all very new to me - and working with my Trainer , we're already planning fitness and strength goals for 2018 - I'm also not kidding that I've never really had those either - until now. So the semblance of 'core strength' at long last - and me, being my own Golf Swing and all - this newfound Capacity emerged in some of my golf swings.

On the last hole, it's a little Par 3, plays about 150 - 165 yards - into the wind.. and for many seasons i would hit a soft 6 at it as it played a bit uphill , green slopes in with a bit of a false front ..bunkers on either side - on this day I played a 7 and flew the hole (long left - pulling the ball a bit ..wind was working left - right) and as it was pretty much just me out there. played a couple other shots into the hole - yep, all on the long side .. unusual .. I was down a club, still long and into a 1/2 club wind .. so I pulled an 8, put it on the left front edge of the Green.

Capacity - it struck me that as a much older man, I was hitting the ball at least on that day, like a younger version of myself, it would seem that months of improved nutrition and lots of core work = greater distance.

Bonus - I can say today that in spite of the amazingly cold winter weather, my back loosened up even more today - no real pain .. and that has been many years since I could say that!

I wish I could have played more - but I did substantial work on the technique aspects of my game as well - I'm in no position to even pretend that I have this 'cracked' .. but I'm sensing a bit of upside ..

Happy New Year My WIG Friends..

see you next year if not before..