Having taken the game up again after a long lay off i decided to buy a budget package set from American Golf. The guys at my nearest branch at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock were extremely helpful and friendly and stopped me worrying that i would make a prat of myself in front of people who know what they're doing! Shortly after buying the budget set i bought a new sand wedge-a Wilson Deep Red and it made such a difference to my short game that i soon bought a full iron set of the same clubs from American Golf.I can't praise these clubs enough as 6 months later my handicap has dropped from 28 to 22. They are a great looking set of clubs and to my mind probably the best set of game improvers. If they can help my game then they can surely help anybobys. I just hope that i may be able to find a driver that instils the same level of confidence that these clubs have given me.