I have been looking at some of kid_F's scientific blogs and thought I'd spin another possible explanation of Mass and Gravity. I think I may have posted this before but I really do prefer this explanation than current beliefs. Whenever I see all these current theories and new ideas (and new maths) being created to explain things we don't understand , I think there is a danger that we move further down the wrong paths .

I like this quote:

"It is important to realize that if our understanding of fundamental principles is incorrect, then any extrapolation of that understanding will induce further misunderstandingsā€¯ By: Joseph A. Rybczy

I particularly like the theories put forward by Jacky Jerome on this website below which basically questions our fundamental understanding of Mass and Gravity (see example 1 for an easy explanation).


Further down in that website are more links which go into a detailed explanation , You don't have to be very knowledgeable in physics and maths to understand most of content (and didn't Einstein say "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.ā€¯ )


Where to get the
Spacetime Model

The Theory of Everything called "The Spacetime Model" is available on Internet at:

Part 1: http://www.mass-gravity.com
Part 2: http://www.what-is-matter.com
Part 3: http://www.quarks-antimatter.com
Part 4: http://www.waves-photons.com
Part 5: http://www.forces-universe.com

This Theory of Everything, the Spacetime Model, is also available in five free of charge PDFs of 40-80 pages each, combined in a book of 270 pages. These documents can be downloaded from any of the above websites.