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  • Driver Alignement

    After Shawn explained and exercised with me proper alignemt with an intermediate target few inch in front of the ball, the precision of my shots increased. I really take care about that most of the shots and as better I do it, the better the shot goes in the desired direction.

    But I struggle with the driver.

    It is a much higher challenge to align properly compared to the irons.

    1. Ball is much more forward.
    2. Ball is on a tee, which gives the picture a third dimension.
    3. The distance to ball is the biggest.
    4. Biggest tilt angle of the body, especially for high shots on a high tee.

    A general issue is the closed clubface, which is no help for the proper direction.

    My solution out of confusion is, to select a second intermediate point, now on the other side of the ball. The new - longer - line, pleases my eyes better.

    So far so good.

    With the driver I find it very helpful for proper alignment, to place the clubhead at the low point, which is in the middle of the stance AND on the line ball and second intermediate point, and not directly behind the ball. That makes it - for me - easier to judge the right distance to the ball and also avoids the nasty orientation to the left, facing the ball.

    Maybe this is helpful for others as well.

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    I agree with you Alpine about the driver. My solution is also a second intermediate point or more accurately a target in the fairway, like a tree or sand trap. Not that the ball wound ever travel that far, but it is in the direction I want the ball to travel. I think this is similar to Shawn saying. "I'm going to hit this shot to the right of the tape and at the Keep Out sign."


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      For a longer time I selected a target out there as well, like a tree, cloud bunker and so on. Then I released in that picture.
      But actually I feel it more precise to rely on a tiny spot close to the ball.
      Two reasons.
      1. The intermediate target is used to delay the release, it’s like the old drill to catch a penny in front of the ball
      2. The clubface has to travel through the ball and over the intermediate target. Two points guarantee a line, and that line is the path of the clubhead.

      That is for the motion.

      The second intermediate target right side of the ball is to make it easier to find a correct set up, BEFORE the motion.

      Like Shawn often emphasizes, if the body is positioned correctly, the motion gets more automatic easily.
      There is then no need to fight against the anatomy.
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        I proceed with this Driver Launch It arrangement. This specific theme is a biggie.