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wood shots bit rusty.

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  • wood shots bit rusty.

    Hi Guys, I havent been out much this year. I played yester and my wood shots were inconsistent. I tried clearing my mind and swinging to target like throwing the club but it didnt work.

    My iron shots though were perfect. Was catching the ball crisp and early with the blades and saved what could have been a bad round.

    All wood shots were erattic. Driver pushed, pulled or and straight. Probably in exactly a 1 in three ratio all three.

    Anyone got any videos of Shawn with irons swing vs wood swing???

    In the cold light of day I think me body was getting in front of arms and probably my backswing was not helping. Although I have been working on that in practice.

    If I get my driving back to form then I could go low this year.

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    Hi GM

    glad to hear that much of your game is in place and working well..

    if the irons are crisp - but woods are erratic, I would offer a couple suggestions..

    1. you've got your swing working - stick with it..and maybe you could find a way to represent to yourself, with a marker of some sort the bottom of your swing arc. What you know based on your contact and ball flight that you know and can predict it with your irons..

    2. typically the Woods have a bit more sweep and as Ron had pointed out recently ..the center of mass of the driver (and I suspect other woods) is a bit more in the center of the clubhead.. in short, it's hard by design, to hit 'down' on woods ..

    3. what can happen - and perhaps this is/has happened to you, is that you are working visually more at the ball ..which can open your shoulders a bit and/or change your sense of where the target is..and that can promote some unwanted things in your contact and swing..

    4. using the 'bottom of the swing' marking technique that you used with your irons - do the same thing with your woods.. and what I suspect you'll find is that the bottom of your swing is a bit behind the ball .. try and get a sense of ball placement and line of intention relative to that 'bottom of the arc' vs. trying to find and adjust to the ball ..

    the short of all this is that longer clubs will take a bit more time to find the bottom of their respective arcs.. you stand up a bit to accommodate the longer shaft - which changes your eyeline and rhythm a bit ..

    the bottom of the arc (the blur as Shawn refers to it) is the release of the clubhead through the zone..

    you're trying to find, predict and aim that ... it's the same game with the longer clubs .. it's still more or less in the center of your stance .. but it looks a little different with a wider stance

    hope this is of some help to you finding a place to start some thinking and experimenting ..

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

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      cheers Kid.

      Point one really struck a chord.

      Im striking my irons now at what I would describe as the beggining of my release of the second pendulum with great results. 100% ball first piercing flight good hop and stop.

      You know what you have hit the problem exactly. With irons I know where the ball is contacted on the arc and how to get there. With woods im not 100% certain.

      At the moment im playing the ball forwards and trying to catch the ball a bit later in the swing than irons. It seems a bit erratic.

      I have a feeling its a fundmental intent problem. I'll watch a few driver videos of shawn and see if ive slipped into a bad habit over the winter. Not just driver tho. Three wood and also 5 wood.

      Just watched the classic 'rip the driver ' I honestly think it might just be ball position too forward. Was certainly outside front foot. Also mabe facing the ball slightly too if im honest. damn it. I should have watched this yesterday hahahaha

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      • Ken Robie
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        Gmonkey, just something to throw out there that I've kind of picked up by bits and pieces, is that with my woods I think that I was trying to get out of the way to quickly. When I tried just letting my lead shoulder be triggered in the rotation as a result of the arms arriving in front of my trail thigh first, it seemed to really straighten out my ball flight with good ball, ground interaction. Probably a lot visual feel rather than real, but at this point if it improves my woods so be it.

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      Thanks Ken. I think you are correct with that Ken. I can clear to quickly and get stuck. I also noticed that my arms with woods tend to have the feel of continue to target and not stay connected to body. That also is exagerated with wood shots. Dunno why???

      Not enough around in my swing. Perhaps too much to target?

      Lead shoulder . ok got ya. thanks