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    Been working on the take away for some time now.

    One of the benefits of videoing my swing and posting it on here. Great feedback.

    So Im working on arms out in front and trying not to take it inside on the take away.

    I do get push shots as a regular problem and I think it is because if you take it inside too much and swing to target then the club naturaly wants to head down the line more than if you are on plane.

    So I am late squaring the club and off right it will sail. I notice this is most of an issue if I want to try and play safe and swing easy with a longer club. Probably something I should not do just normal swing a shorter hitting club. However a slower swing will expose flaws. I am getting known for blowing up at the end of rounds and this is why. Im defending a really good score and so I hold back a bit and push it out of bounds for a card wrecker late on in rounds.

    Anyhow back to the diagnosis.

    So I was pretty happy with club face at the top. I was inside on take away but I was sure I wasnt rolling the club open because my face was not hanging down to floor.

    Costa and co were not happy with my take away and I agreed. So I have been working on it.

    So I tried keeping hands in front and it felt horrible. I was getting good results and my playing partners said they liked the 'look' of the adjustments. I was conscious not to worry about fashion show but this made me think I was on to the proper plane.

    So push shot had reduced but not vanished and would creep in sometimes but all in all was lots of improvement in practice. On the course I was playing well. So then nice easy three wood on 17 to put me in position A. Arms out in front and it will be easy. Ooooooops Noooo. Massive push right and felt way in front of the ball. Out of bounds. Ok no problem re -load and try again. OB again arggggggggggggg !!!! Put the three wood away and smashed an angry driver straight down the middle 270.

    What the hell ??????????

    So back to the drawing board and a bit of youtube and a memory of a thread on WIG about rolling forearms on backswing. In my case feel is left forearm rotation.

    It would seem I was rolling left forearm a lot. A hell of a lot. The inside arms was a CNS fix to stop the club hanging down at the top. That is what made me think my roll was ok. My club face looked good. Arms stuck behind would surely be some other problem. It is not. Arms not 'out in front' enough can be caused 100% by forearm rotation and that was what I worked out.

    Remember guys if you are a 'backhand' player I think the temptation to roll the left arm will be big. However a right sided player can achieve the same roll with what is described as the 'lawn mower pull start action' with the right arm. Its the same outcome. The lawn mower pull thing is not mine I cant remember where I got it from but there you go. Its a good one for people who do that action in the swing.

    So remember I said arms out in front felt horrible and maniputaled? Well that was because of the roll. Once removed the new plane felt much more natural and easier to attain.

    Early days for results but usually I can feel if something is the true cause and im pretty excited this is it.

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