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  • Working the fade

    I spent a session working on fading the ball with all my sticks in the bag. One of the keys to consistency was to make sure my grip was secure and air tight. This helped me compress the ball much easily.
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    Working the Hybrid.


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      Working the 7 iron


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        Good WIG swing


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          Thanks Alpine. What I think people don't realize is that not having a good grip on the club can result in the ball going off target. What I mean by it is that, if you are holding the club lightly and especially when playing with blades, the face will twist at impact if you are off center. This will result in the ball starting off on a different line than intended. Yesterday was a prime example.

          Went to the range for the first time after winter. My grip on the club was light and I was having a lot of mishits and poor compression. I felt like I forgot how to hold the club. LOL. Then I realized why I was all over the place due to my grip. I adjusted, then let them rip. I was able to feel the off center toe shots etc. and it felt good to get the feeling back in my hands and brain.

          In short, do not hold the club lightly like a bird in your hand. Have proper pressure on it where it should feel like part of your hand. Not a death grip but strong enough where you can mash the ball and no wiggle room between the club and the pads in your hands. You will start noticing that the ball will start flying where you intended.