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Revisiting Jack Nicklaus

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  • Revisiting Jack Nicklaus

    Hi WIG Friends..

    hope all are beyond well as we near the end of the 2018 campaign(s) in the Northern Hemisphere at least.. our friends in what are either warmer (or about to be) climes.. will carry the game for us until the Sun begins to climb up higher into the sky once again some time in 2019.

    reflecting on the recent exchange about Tiger's Swing leading the way towards a more natural way of swinging & learning the golf swing.. I remembered a saying from Jack saying that for one to have a natural golf swing .. one must first 'contrive a stance' ..

    I've tried to link to the passage(s) in 'Golf My Way .. looking for Chapter 2 'Setting Up - 90% of Good Shotmaking' .. hopefully this will get you close - or on it, should you to want to peruse Jack's thinking vs. my interpretation of it..

    here's the link: Q#v=onepage&q=jack%20nicklaus%20contrive%20a%20sta nce&f=false

    Jack's interpretation of a shot was that it was about 50% Mental Picture 40% Setup and 10% Swing.. for followers of WIG - it seems familiar in that Shawn describes a sort of getting the picture and making the setup match the picture and then getting out of its way..

    a sort of removal of all 'in the way obstacles' to a free flowing natural golf swing..

    one gets a clear sense of what the conditions are, what your options or intentions are ..

    building a platform that will match it..

    and enjoy the 'blur'..

    a couple almost connected thoughts before I stumble ahead..

    1. it's likely I'm missing something - but it seems like for someone who has the most Major Victories (Most 2nd's in Majors and Most Top 5's) and is the 'steward' of the great game, clearly the living link between the greats of years before and the establishment of the global game that exists now .. that his concepts of how to play the game don't resonate more..

    2. for someone who had amazing and high level successful technique - it's also intriguing that he saw it more as his ability to prepare and focus into each shot that brought results rather than his physical swing alone ..

    I doubt highly that I'd ever get the chance to interview Mr. Nicklaus - but a Crackpot Golf Theorist can dream .. he's done his level best to leave us some important information and his 'breadcrumbs' about getting to a few flowing swing are all about having a very clear sense of what it's going to take to understand the situation (the WIG one of a kind 'snowflake' swing) and create something that would turn it into reality..

    cheers for now


    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
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    Hi guys,

    I cut my teeth on Mr. Nicklaus' Golf My Way.
    I have my copy of his book out in front of me as I speak...

    It is here that I first contemplated my ONE (same) swing for EVERY club...
    I also believe it is congruous to our Chairman's "let the club swing YOU" concept.

    Think about it for a minute....

    Each club has a designated length.

    And, unless you've grown dramatically overnight, YOU have a designated HEIGHT and your ARMS have a designated length?
    (that means that your "ACU" also has a designated length?)

    The BALL has a designated position.

    That means that YOU now have a designated "swing plane".

    The TARGET is where it is.
    You can choose to focus on it or not....

    The "circle" associated with that plane is already there.
    Always has been....always will be.
    It can be AIMED anywhere we want it to be aimed?

    That's how we decide where to put our FEET??

    Now all that's left is, with due recognition to Sir Isaac Newton, to get the SWING underway.
    It WILL change direction of it's own accord (thank you Sir Newton) and start back down.
    No need to worry about "transition" or HOW to begin the "downswing" (...geez, I hate that term )

    ...and, as our Chairman has so eloquently suggested over the many years....

    Get OUT of the Way!

    Allow the ACU to continue on it's PATH towards your TARGET.

    Doesn't sound like I've done a hell of a lot?

    Perhaps we don't have to.....

    Love this place and you guys

    dude abides

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      Thanks Dude!

      glad to see you take this would be 'golf shot' and advance it well down the fairway..

      so many great thoughts in your 'latest' that I'm not quite sure where to begin..

      I guess for the moment, I'll let it speak for itself (which it most clearly does) and offer a bit of a sidebar to it..

      the 1st 50% of Mr. Nicklaus' swing concept..

      the notion of the target picture..

      I didn't play much this season - many demands, a lot of 'new' and considerably more travel - even now, I've got a pretty full plate into what is clearly about to be some colder weather ..although this week looks pretty nice!!

      OK - back to the picture..

      I hit some pretty decent shots this year - they're fairly clear in my mind- as I just didn't play that much - so the good ones are easy to quickly sort out.

      and the ones that didn't work - stand out pretty clearly as well..

      and most of them have one thing very much in common..

      I never had a sense of either what the lie of the ball was .. and what I was intending to do ..

      I had a pretty good sense of where I wanted it to go.. but no idea of how SPECIFICALLY of the actual shot that would put it there ..and/or what the actual conditions facing me were..

      things (in no particular order that I somehow missed)

      wet grass
      heavy grass
      wind conditions
      adjusting to ball above/below feet..
      eye was fooled (hitting to a hole that was an optical illusion ..looking further away or closer than it actually was)

      kind of embarrassing to admit to those many failings ..and I'm sure that there are many more that factored in..

      I guess the point that I'm attempting to stagger towards is that we think of the 'target picture' as being something 'over there' .. when in actuality ..

      it's quite inclusive ..

      here's another 'quality insight' .. ok - yet another exposition on the obvious .. and probably will get written into my Book of the Obvious.. at some point..

      easier courses require a bit less of you.. it's flatter, more forgiving .. a bit more open.. less rough and whatnot .. require a lot less 'picturing' ..

      fewer adjustments asking for less thinking..

      pretty much lines & carry..

      and as you might imagine.. I can play those fairly well.. yep, it took me several years and a bunch of swings .. some or which I've detailed to you, the Gentle Reader of such accounts..

      but as I get on more difficult courses.. where the visuals are more complex, the Greens have a bit more going on ..

      my many frailties .. not the least of which, lack of actually developing the 50% . become apparent..

      anyway .. the key to playing better is to play more .. a lot more ..

      and keep one's head in it..

      the 40% only works if you can understand the 50% .. and if you get that 'out of the way' .. the 10% is pretty much up to gravity and momentum .. as you did your work already..

      any technique that doesn't include the other 90% .. no matter how flawless.. will only produce random outcomes ..

      that's all it can do..

      2019 .. it would seem that my practice goals are coming into focus..

      hope yours are as well..

      cheers for now


      from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
      tu nunquam hic

      Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

      let energy instead of style define you.

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      • Schrodinger
        Schrodinger commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Kid - I suspect all those other specifics below are part and parcel of 'Goldilocks' and is based on our ability to make an accurate judgement/predictability on the outcome of our intended task . Crumbs, when I see the pros hitting little chips and pitches out of deep rough to within a few feet of the hole it seems obvious that their prediction of how the ball will react to their intended task is vastly superior (because of many years of practice).

        wet grass
        heavy grass
        wind conditions
        adjusting to ball above/below feet..
        eye was fooled (hitting to a hole that was an optical illusion ..looking further away or closer than it actually was