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Overall swing shape--To each his own?

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  • Overall swing shape--To each his own?

    Hi, I'm a long time fan of Shawn and his teachings and have finally decided to scrap my old swing and make the switch to WIG. New to this forum, first time posting.

    As I've been working on changing my swing, I've realized that on my best shots I'm quite a bit flatter / more rotary than Shawn's comparatively upright swing. When I try to mimic Shawn's swing, my contact is good but I tend to pull my shots left. When I allow myself to swing flatter, I'm better able to stay with my intermediate point and finish out more towards the target.

    Based on my understanding of the WIG philosophy, it seems to me that perhaps I just naturally perform the task (cutting grass / dandelion stem, chopping tree, throwing club, etc.) in that manner, and that's all that matters. I'd say I'm of average build and body composition, so doubt that's a factor, but maybe my brain just "sees" the task differently?

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing the thoughts of others!

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    Shawn doesn't really teach a swing, or even his swing. He provides drills and concepts (through analogies) that help the golfer discover their swings. I have followed Shawn's guidance for a couple of years now and my swing looks nothing like Shawn's. It is my swing. We are all build differently, we have different levels of fitness and flexibility. A lot of golfers have physical limitations. Do the drills working on the point of the drill--staying centered and in balance with the feet together drill--and how you best achieve the desired result.


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      I'll add one more thing. I highly recommend the book "Extraordinary Golf" by Fred Shoemaker. The book provides a conceptual framework for awareness and self learning of golf. The book provides an overall approach to learning golf, while Shawn gives a bit more of a nuts and bolts, step by step (or should I say drill by drill) method. Paring the two can speed up progress greatly. There is quite a bit of overlap, for example the club throwing drill.


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        Mr. Shoemaker ALSO has book entitled "Extraordinary PUTTING"?
        ALSO excellent!

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          Thank you both for your replies. I think alfriday's comments are consistent with what I'm saying. I'll also check out the Shoemaker books. Thanks!