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Strong grip but still have open clubface

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    Hi Charger,

    Your clubface is NOT "open"?

    The terms "open" and "closed" refer to the club-face relationship to the SWING-line (what I call the "line-of-motion"); NOT the TARGET-line?

    What you've described is a nice, SQUARE relationship of club-face to swing-line, resulting in a shot that starts right of target and travels in a STRAIGHT line (no curvature).

    You can try two things while maintaining your current "grip":

    One - If you move the ball a bit more FORWARD in your stance, you'll catch the ball a bit LATER in the swing-arc as the club-head begins to swing more to the Left...
    This should result in a continued "straight" flight, but closer to your target-line...

    Two - try "closing" the face a bit at ADDRESS in addition to your 4-knuckle-strong grip. Despite the "number of knuckles" visible, the "straight" ball-flight suggests that the club-face is STILL not closed enough (at Impact) to cause the ball to spin in a counter-clockwise direction and create the "draw" action back towards your target.

    Hope this makes some sense and may help?

    dude abides

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  • Charger13
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  • Charger13
    started a topic Strong grip but still have open clubface

    Strong grip but still have open clubface

    I have a 4 knuckle strong grip and my downswing shallows out nicely on plane and I attack from slightly inside. However, my club face is still square to my inside out swing path so I hit push shots to the right and cannot get it to draw back to the target.(My ball position is in the middle of my stance for irons) If I already have a super strong grip, how can my club face still be open at impact? Please help!!!
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