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Swing powered from ground up. Is this a good thought?

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  • Swing powered from ground up. Is this a good thought?

    Ok we have all heard it a million times. The golf swing is powered from the ground up. Well ok. So what do we do with that information? I think we use that to ruin our swings!

    A punch is powered from the ground up. A throw is powered from the ground up. A jump is powered from the ground up! and so on and so on! Did we need to tell ourselves this in order to learn those activities? No we did not.

    We have all seen the typical golf pro example of someone trying to power a swing without ground forces and hip movement. Well guess what... I NEVER SAW ANYONE TRYING TO HIT A BALL LIKE THAT !

    So anyone consciously trying to unwind from toes through to legs through to hips through to shoulders through to swing in some sort of 'kinetic sequence' is way off line. Its total rubbish folks.

    We dont throw a ball or snap a punch or launch a spear that way. We have an intent and the CNS will take care of the sequence.

    I have lost count of the straight right pushes cause by powering from the ground up! Hips racing way ahead and putting a massive block hundreds perhaps thousands of shots.

    Your hips will get out of the way of your swing without your help and you wont ever need to think about 'power from ground up'. Pehaps one out of 100 people would swing a club without body movement and so the golfing industry thinks this phrase will help us all out. They couldnt be more wrong. hahahahaha

    Enjoy folks.
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    Hi guys,

    ......but at the END of the day.......the swing IS powered from the ground- UP.

    WHAT our INTENTION may (or not) be is another subject.....

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      I think Shawn would agree that the Kinematic Sequence we use for WIG is indeed a ground up version. FWIW, somewhat unrelated, I start my own swing somewhere between my left ankle and hip. I feel my backswing toss is initiated by a lower body nudge.


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        Rotation powers the swing. Ground forces are used to power it.

        However standing over a golf ball thinking about powering the swing from the ground up may go badly wrong for some.

        Id go so far as to pinpoint the exact time that it would go wrong for many. That is the hip clear stage.

        Im going to go way out on a limb here. Everyone knows that famous Hogan swing instruction video. Here is the first move etc.... You know that one guys? Well I simply dont believe he makes that same move in his swing. I just dont buy it. In the video he makes the down move in unison with the hips as the example. In his swing this is not what I see happening.

        OK guys im braced for impact feel free to charge!!!! I just called BS on the one and only Mr Hogan hahahaha.


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          WHY I OUGHTA!!!!! ;>) I believe he says in his training video that his first move is exaggerated for teaching effect. And the more efficient the sequence the less visual pause of those moving parts as well.


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            Here is some more info:



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              If you feel a turning/shearing force beginning through your feet , does that mean that the kinematic sequence starts from the ground up? Maybe we need a better definition of what people mean by 'powering the swing' and 'kinematic sequence'.

              What if I just contracted my pelvic muscles first to turn my pelvis around my hip joints? As I begin to contract those muscles I can only turn the pelvis if it had something to turn against and that would mean using torque created through my 'legs to hip joints' via friction between my feet and ground (shearing forces).

              So if kinematic sequence means the order in which bodily parts move, then my pelvis would be the starting point , not some turning force beginning from the feet . The shearing force/torques felt in the feet would be in 'reaction' to the contraction of the pelvic girdle muscles. But you might feel and think that it all started from the ground up because that's where you would feel the highest pressure forces.

              Then if we dug a bit deeper, why would one want to move the pelvis/hips first? To get out of the way of the intentional swinging of the arm/clubhead unit.

              The above is just one scenario that may apply to a particular golfer because golfers swings are as numerous as the stars in the sky and they might have slightly different kinematic sequences and different ways of creating clubhead potential energy and converting it to kinetic energy.

              If you have big strong arms and zero flexibility - what kinematic sequence would best suit that golfer ? Which body part would he/she prefer to use to create kinetic energy in the clubhead?

              If you have weak arms but great flexibility what would be the best way to create kinetic energy in the clubhead and what would the likely kinematic sequence be?

              Depending on your body, we probably use whatever 'unique' parts we can best utilise/sequence to create kinetic energy in the golf swing. The secret is using it in such a way 'unique to yourself' that can enable you to control the 'clubshaft/clubhead/clubface' to hit that ball as intended to the target.

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                Further to the above , some definitions which shows how easy golfing terms can be misinterpreted.

                Kinematics is the study of motion without regard to the forces producing the motion; parameters such as position, angle, velocities and accelerations
                Kinetics refers to the study of the forces and torques that create the motion.

                So when people talk about 'powering the swing' I am assuming they are really talking about the forces and torques that create motion. The 'Kinetic Link' would be the order in which those torques/forces were being applied.

                Kinematic sequence is defined as below:
                The kinematic sequence is a measure of the rotational velocities of the club and body segments during the swing. By studying the kinematic sequence we can determine whether a swing has efficient sequencing, efficient timing, and efficient speed generation.

                Unless I've misinterpreted the definitions, the sequencing of how one 'powers' the swing (not the physics definition of power but our intuitive understanding) is really the 'Kinetic Sequence' not the 'Kinematic Sequence'.

                I don't think we will have a perfect golf language understood by all in my lifetime.


                • Ken Robie
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                  I think the best definition of what happens to the body first and why it happens is this: In order to extract the most efficient power from the "average" golfers body, ( not a golfer with a physical limitation). The golfer must go and GET THE GROUND! Whether you believe the act of getting the motion of going to get the ground is the end of the back swing or the beginning of the down swing is really a moot point as long as the ground getting motion is started after the desired amount of body rotation in the back swing is obtained first.