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Golf is a Massive Awareness Exercise

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    Hi WIG Friends..

    less time to meander about on this I'll keep this one kind of short for now..

    hitting a few very short shots in the back yard this morning before heading had rained conditions were not the best..

    as I was 'batting it around' I reflected on a couple things..

    my lack of focus was showing up immediately in my somewhat random results... got back into lining up and picturing shots and things snapped back pretty quickly.. was instructive if nothing else..

    practice with a purpose purpose = no practice ..

    because what you're practicing is how to get into the shot and make it happen the way that best serves your focus..if you're not doing THAT..what are you doing? Drills and mechanics have their place..but if you're hitting's the 'epigenetics' around the shot itself that are also the critical element in putting a confident and complete game together....

    here's one observation that I finally got somehow towards the front of my mind today..and meant to articulate this more fully a few days back..

    when I was playing and mishit shots that I at least had some kind of vision for ..even fairly bad misses..were usually most of what I pulled off when I dropped a 2nd or 3rd ball to test my thinking, aim and execution.

    again - I'll stipulate that I was not really striking the ball as well as I could potentially strike it ..(pure being a 10) I was probably around a 6 or 7 on most of the strikes..they were substantially close to what my 'expected top end' might be..and my mishits gave me most of what I was getting out of better or mid case results..

    to give that a metric..I was typically about 15 yards within what I would be able to do..even with some pretty unimpressive looking ball flights and shapes.. and most of the misses were consistent..every so often a dead pull or dead push ..and I'd be left in a mess..but most of those were playable..

    so the short of it..

    I was leaving myself mostly in play most of the time.. and could typically recover for no worse than bogey..

    that takes a lot of pressure off my complete game and made the rounds pretty enjoyable.. I was out of 'golf jail' least for the past few rounds..we'll see if my 'education' persists..

    and one last bit of awareness..

    the place to improve - I'm still not really thinking my way back from the hole.. I'm putting shots together and at times leaving myself options..but it's more the exception than the rule that I put myself in the 'completely right' place to complete the 'target picture'..

    I actually was better with THAT when I was not striking the ball as well and had to think my way around a bit more than when I felt confident and striking the ball better.

    I'm a 'playing work in progress' and doing my best to show both me and the WIG friends where my 'slips' are..

    be aware of the conditions..

    know where you want to be

    picture it..

    hit THAT shot..


    if you're close to that probably have a decent round going ..

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

    Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

    let energy instead of style define you.

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      For me personally, I cannot think of too many things at the same time , so I don't like having to think about ;

      1. Cutting the dandelion


      2. Swinging my club to the target over an intermediate target


      3. Assessing whether I have enough momentum to augment that 'movie picture' of the ball's motion through the air to the target.

      The idea of an intermediate target and sending my momentum over it ,is (imho) a type of steering which could clutter my focus and cause me to 'flinch' because I am trying to think about more than 1 intent .

      So this is what I am trying to do to prevent any 'steering' or 'flinching'.

      a. I stand behind the ball and choose 2 intermediate targets. One a few feet in front of the ball and another 2 feet behind the ball - that is my target line which I will reference when I do point b below.
      b. I do my 'Goldilocks' and assess/feel (best guess) how the clubface will impact the ball , how high the ball will fly and how long it will carry. When I have 'felt' (imagined) the right momentum and clubface impact (whether I want a fade/draw/straight strike) coupled with what I feel is the correct swing path (with reference to the line connecting the 'intermediate' points) , I then 'file' that 'feel' away in the background of my mind, ready to retrieve it in the next few seconds.Note that while doing the latter I might adjust my grip to get that correct feel.
      c. Then move 'the whole machine' to the ball.
      d. Then I 'change' the ball to a 'dandelion' and imagine there is a stem under the centre of the ball (just like a tee peg).
      e. Then my main focus is to cut the dandelion while recreating the same 'Goldilocks' feel that I 'filed' away a few seconds ago (no thoughts about momentum/intermediate targets/target as that was already pre-programmed)

      My foreground intent is cutting the dandelion , while my 'background' is the pre-programmed 'Goldilocks' feel .

      Doing the above sort of de-clutters my brain and 'commits' me to doing what I intended to do with the Goldilocks choice. I don't have to worry about any focus 'crossover' between dandelion , momentum, intermediate point, target , movie-picture , etc (that might cause me to flinch).

      Seems to be working for my chipping and pitching , but not yet tried it out for full swings on the range. But I do feel that I have a better clarity of intent when I address the ball.
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        Just to chime in here, but IMHO ;>) you are doing the exact same thing as what you describe you are not doing. No one can have more than one focused concsious thought at the same time.


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          My goldilocks feel is in the 'background' (so I think that is my subconsious) , while my foreground intent is the cutting of the dandelion with the edge of my clubface (conscious intent).