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50-100 yard shots

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    Hi guys,

    For me, WIND has TWO different "faces"....
    Each of the two requires a different approach...

    We have DOWN-wind or INTO-the wind....and we have CROSS-wind in either direction?

    Cross-wind is pretty straight forward...
    You either play WITH the wind or HOLD the ball AGAINST the wind...
    Pretty much fade/draw? draw/fade?
    How MUCH is a different kettle of fish....

    IMHO, the biggest problem is when we are DOWN-wind or INTO-the wind....

    In either case, our typical solution is the same....

    HIT the ball HARDER?

    If we're INTO the wind, we reason that we have to INCREASE the distance because the wind it going to slow it down...

    If we're DOWN-wind, we reason that if we hit it a little HARDER it'll RIDE the wind?

    IMHO, BOTH of these options are bogus.

    INTO the wind, a "smoother" swing will typically REDUCE spin and keep the ball from "ballooning"
    Down-wind...our need to hit the ball harder is born completely out of our EGO.
    If you make your NORMAL swing down-wind, you'll get just the added distance you are lusting after.....naturally.

    Embrace the wind. It is part of the game that we play on THIS planet?
    My advice is to IGNORE IT down or into the wind and PLAY it Cross-wind....

    Easier said than done, I understand...
    A bit of mental discipline...

    Love this place and you guys
    dude abides

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      That was the first time in a long time I’ve been exhausted after a round. I was straining my guts out trying to fight the wind. Thus the pit-bull analogy that Shawn uses was in full effect. Live and learn.