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trebuchet vs wheeled trebuchet

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    I remember Shawn saying that the 'lateral' move happens in the backswing - see 'Hogan Power Move'. I think there are differences in the mechanics of Rory's swing vs Shawn. Shawn's upper torso and hips are almost moving in synch and both almost square to the target line at impact. However, Rory and many other PGA golfers use a greater degree of pelvic /torso separation plus their upper torso are more open to the target at impact. So I suspect Rory and many other PGA's are creating a lot more X-factor in the downswing because they are very flexible and they seem to be able to create lots of clubhead speed doing it this way. Uncertain whether it's body friendly or not as my back would be in tatters if I tried to copy them.
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      I think this video will add some insight to the different Swing methods.


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        Thanks for posting this Gary. very interesting.

        Ok lets agree to forget the hitting action. I notice he teaches NFL players to hit hhahaa. I bet he doesnt have any quarter backs as clients. They'd laugh at him!!

        So this guy talks about a thrower, a swing throw and a rotary action.

        Ok Fair enough. I looked at the examples of golfers he is talking about and yes. You can see varying degrees of lateral move.

        Kaymer and Snead do seem to have less lateral move than say Rory or Hogan.

        My natural intent would seem to be a throw swing (using his terms).

        Ok so I talked about the two circle model. If I wanted to try to swing with less lateral move then instead of thinking of the two circle image side by side I would draw the second circle lower than the first or probably more accurately put the first circle higher than the second (its the same thing).

        This is how players can lean backwards to target and still get back to the ball. No way you can achieve that with the one circle intent. Sergio is best example. Sometimes he looks as if he is falling towards target. So now you need a diagonal move down instead of the lateral move. It is however created with exactly the same intent through the ball.
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          Ok look at this example of an early Jack. Take a look from 50 seconds to 57 seconds. Wow look at that lateral move! Drop hands move into second cirle whilst swinging the club (that is still located in the first circle) to the second......boom.

          anyone got a slow motion video of Shawns driver swing?

          From memory he has a big shoulder turn may perhaps get taller in the backswing and drops down diagonaly into the second circle with his ass leading the swing and then boom. So His first cirlcle is higher than the second. Drops into it diagonaly and whips the snot out of it but catches the ball on the upswing. Its the same athletic move as Jack but from a slightly different angle. I must admit im looking at an old short iron swing of his.

          You simply cant get the kind of power that Jack can get (and no doubt Shawn can get also) by 'swinging in a barrel' and thinking of making one circle.
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            Hi guys,

            .....for the record.....

            For those of us who were AROUND back when Mr. Nicklaus was a young man....

            At that time, the predominant Teaching concept was a SLIDE?

            Now, I'm not suggesting that it was right or wrong....just that it was what was being TAUGHT at the time?

            (I also used to have a home phone attached to the wall by a wire and a "party-line" to share a phone connection?, a shelf full of Encyclopedia volumes and a Library card to do my homework?)

            Times change.....techniques change....

            just sayin.....

            dude abides

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          I dread to think what was taught back then. I bet you had thousands of amateur golfers desperately trying to time a slide into impact.

          Jack didnt do this. To think one of the all time great drivers did is absurd. He didnt time a slide. (im sure you know this Costa). Just to clarify for others.

          Jacks slide was the result of his own perfect intent of weight transfer. A reaction not an action.

          A swing that with modern equipment would still be devastating right at the top of the game today.

          If you understand my garble....enjoy it. I can more easily demonstrate what im saying with regards to long distance fishing beach cast (NOT FLY).

          I can sum it up in three pics regarding the fishing cast. the golf move is more complicated. I'll post it monday when Im with pen and paper. You will get the principle from that and then possibly be able to transfer it to golf.

          Ok speak soon guys.