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Welcome Badger ..and let's solve the 'Flip'

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  • Welcome Badger ..and let's solve the 'Flip'

    Hi guys. New to the site. My biggest problem is flipping through impact causing high weak shots(still pretty straight though) but losing loads of distance...

    Hi Badger..

    Welcome to the WIG forum ..glad to have you with us and ready to talk concepts and technique..

    at some point - it might be good for you to share some of your background (what you feel comfortable with) and what you're working with/on for 2018.. it might help us get you more focused information more quickly and accurately ..

    some context - and maybe a place to start with WIG looking at Shawn's concept of what a Target is and what Target Focus and relationship is in the swing - seems so straightforward, and yet without it - the technique(s) and other instruction will never quite come together..

    I'm not saying that I have this right, but your ball flight and description of action sounds a lot like a 'high block' ..

    Shawn would talk about that action as a golfer 'defaulting to the ball' or 'becoming ball focused' ...

    a way to think about this is that in an eye-hand action pattern, your action will typically follow where your eyes are looking, and your eyes will look at what you're focusing on .. so in WIG terms ..

    you may well have lost a sense of where you want your action to go and have it become more what you're trying to put your action into..

    Shawn has hundreds of hours of instructions to choose from - so please don't take this as the 'final word' ..but merely a starting point to help you get a sense of a potential path for you to begin to build target awareness and have the action become congruent to it..

    the key(s) to this ..and Shawn has done some newer videos on this that I'm sure one our WIG Friends will throw into this thread..

    but it's to get another object out in front of the ball that you need to gather as part of the shot .. so that the ball itself is not the ultimate goal, but merely something to be gathered on the way to keeping the swing action./momentum oriented towards the target..

    it's a good place to start - and it's a great thing to practice --

    technique, even great technique is not a substitute for a sense of what the action needs to be doing..

    cheers for now

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    Originally posted by kid_fullerene View Post
    My biggest problem is flipping through impact causing high weak shots(still pretty straight though) but losing loads of distance.
    Hi Badger,

    In addition to what Kid suggested, I would experiment with a stronger grip. Without changing anything with your current swing, first try this for starters . . .

    And here are a couple more videos to help put the stronger grip in the context of the shot and a target bound action like Kid was talking about . . .

    I think you will be surprised with the distance you will gain just by tweaking your grip/clubface relationship along with the target bound action.


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