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    So, I purchased Shawn Clement’s Senior Swing videos (which he did in conjunction with The Art of Simple Golf – here:

    I have also purchased two video series from Shawn in the past---about three years ago---but was unable to make it work for me.

    In the Senior Swing videos, Shawn emphasizes the following:

    - Using (and waiting for) gravity
    - Getting (the body) out of the way of the arm swing---both on the backswing and downswing
    - Feeling the weight of the "instrument"

    - “Cutting the grass”
    - Swinging with a “3-level” effort (on a scale of 1-10)
    - Striking the tee placed 6 inches in front of the ball
    - Losing control (to gravity, I assume) in order to gain control

    He also has a segment on swinging with a 45 degree closed clubface (which should be square at impact due to forward shaft lean).

    When I abandon my swing to gravity, I have no power. At this point, I am swinging with a “1 out of 10” effort—which I don’t think is what Shawn intended.

    I have envisioned throwing the clubhead at the target, at the ball, or at the tee 6 inches in front of the ball in order to get the extra effort---but that doesn’t seem to follow with Shawn’s philosophy.

    Anyone out there have some guidance?

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    Hi larson92,

    The way I've understood all of this is that we do abandon the swing to gravity, but it's not just gravity alone that's involved (unless the intent is to propel the ball a shorter distance than normal). So as I see it, yes the swing is done within the context of abandon to gravity, but there's more to it when we want to add some speed and velocity, and that's where we assist momentum at the right point during the swing. However, any assisting on our part is not one of taking back control from gravity, but rather it's done in harmony with gravity.

    That said, one way to add more speed in the swing is how Shawn shows with the turbo charge of the up and down motion with the legs. Another way is with his analogy of the kid on the swing. And with both of these gravity and momentum assisting factors, when your intent is to add more speed to the swing, the body will instinctively get out of the way faster and more emphatically.

    Here are some videos that will go into more depth on these things . . .

    First, since you mentioned throwing the club, and also The Art of Simple Golf, here's a video that used to be only on Shawn's Premium Channel, but is now also on Alex's site where Shawn is demonstrating how to add more clubhead speed by throwing the club to greater distances, and as a result how the body naturally responds to this intent . . .

    Then there's this one on the use of the legs to turbo charge the swing . . .

    And this one on how to let gravity do the work along with the turbo charge element of the legs assisting the momentum . . .

    Then for the assist momentum with the kid on the swing analogy this is a good one . . .

    Finally, here's another good one where Shawn talks about the 40; 60; and 80 percent assistance to momentum . . .

    This may seem like a lot at first, but there's good stuff in these videos that I think will help you put things together with your gravity assisted swing.


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      I think the best explanation for the gravity idea is the kid on the swing.
      Letting it alone, it tracks wonderfull on the same path one after the other, but comes to a stop soon.
      To continue the ride or to achieve even a higher arc, dad is needed to push co-ordination with the already ongoing the righ time.

      For golf, let the club peter out in the backswing, it feels like a little pause until the direction changes (like the kid on the swing), then it fall down and finally, 90 degrees of the arc later, dad adds energy.

      Most of all golfers I see outside, approx 90 % or so, already go for the ball immediately after the end of the backswing....much too early.

      The scale of 3/10 for effort has the inner sense, we humans and our muscles move faster with NOT strained muscles, also the co-ordination and kinetic chain is much better.

      And fast means higher swing speed.

      The club is so light, we are not throwing a 2kg discuss, 3/10 is enough to achieve the desired optimal 80-85% max speed.
      Tour pros often refer to this percentage,

      If I do that, my swing speed is 108-110 mph, if I give ‘everything’ I have sometimes 113mph, often I am even slower.


      • Cally
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        Great description of the "kid on the swing" analogy Alpine!

        And like you mentioned, the feel of a little pause until the direction changes is one of the key points in the swing. We need to wait for that little pause in the transition and not try to control things, but instead let gravity do its thing before we add any assistance to gravity much later in the swing.

        FWIW, in my mind this feeling and point in the swing where I begin to assist gravity is closer to somewhere around where my right/trail elbow approaches my right/rear hip and the point when my hands reach somewhere around my right/rear thigh.

      • Alpineberlinette
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        Cally, yes, this is also for me the starting point to add juice.
        I wrote about that recently and recommended to make Goldilocks to add too early (for most a normal swing), add as late as possible (for most this is just right)....
        Anyhow, to shift the start of supporting to late is a good approach for the next range session, often an eye opener.
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      You are swinging with gravity as your friend but gravity does not power the swing. The power is centripetal force reacting against the mass of the club. So you are kind of catching a fall of the club and swinging to target. The club can either react against an arm pull or react against the core of your pivot depending on how you are swinging the club.

      Shawn doesnt think gravity alone powers the swing. That would be absurd. The pivot reacting with gravity. Thats the key.

      So if you pivot and get the weight transfer right and hinge properly and release properly then you are not ever going to feel like you swing at power 1. But the power may feel like a reaction to your swing rather than trying to bully the club to hit the ball (pitbull rag doll).


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        Hi again L92,

        I realize I suggested a lot of stuff to think about, but after you've had a chance to see those videos I posted, I think the whole concept of assisting gravity can be pretty much summed up in this one video . . .

        You can see in this video when Shawn goes from a pitch shot to a full shot how and where he assists the momentum in the swing within the rhythm and framework of gravity.