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When swinging in to out becomes extreme! Caught in a BAD bad case!

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  • When swinging in to out becomes extreme! Caught in a BAD bad case!

    I seem to be stuck in a bad bad case of swinging extremely inside to out...but I'm stuck and can't seem to get out of it??? Sorry no video but if the target line is 6 to 12 on a clock face my swing is going like 9 o'clock to 3!!! You can probably guess the resultant shots...snap hooks, blocks, and...the dreaded SHANKS with all clubs but especially with shorter shots (???...why shanks with shorter shots)

    I'm DESPERATE for help! Any drills, videos, etc would be much appreciated!

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    Hi K

    you have become the inside turn ..

    that's to say that you became a bit conscious of the concept of needing to be 'inside' so that you can start the swing and work back 'outside' ..

    what Shawn have you do ( I think) would be to first reconnect with a sense of where your target is ..and what your intention is - vs. 'doing' the 'work' as a concept of needing to get 'inside'..

    think about it for a second're now 'inside' relative to what?

    the next thing is that I'd have you work some 'Goldilocks' stuff .. check your access to the target as opposed to trying to find the spot on the ball that you're trying to bring the club through..

    and lastly ..

    I'd have you rebuild a relationship with the Intermediate Target - and/or things like the 2 Ball Drill or use a coin or poker chip or something and swing through both..

    get the cues and focus back on sending your momentum through and on to where it needs to go vs. the prior concept..

    and here's the trick - you're stuck because what you found did work for a while ..but like any 'fix' it gets kind of addictive starts trying for 'more' and pretty soon, you get further away from the focus and are sliding down the slope of trying to cure or fix an action.

    anyway - that's a starting point ...

    hope it is of some help bringing you back into where you want to be this season!


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      Start with the Spine Angle Kettel Bell Tip. If you are swinging wildly out, you must be taking the club back way inside. Doing the drill will help you start the club on plane. Also go back to the feet together, perpetual motion drill. Watch the blur of the club, make sure the it goes over the intermediate point. Then throw some clubs.

      Look at the video "Takeaway and starting Golf Swing". Practice the "Wrecking Ball" move.


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        Hi I have been down that path. Intent on avoiding the OTT and getting body too infront of arms and hands and then stuck. It really is a golfing cliche. If a begginers intent produces an OTT then the more advanced natural fault is to get stuck.

        First thing I would try is to forget the idea that the lower body runs the swing. It does but only the same way that throwing a tennis ball lower body runs the throw.

        Try a few swings where you swing with lag and your body gets out of the way. Naturally not a concentrated effort to clear hips.

        Now in slow motion throw an imaginary tennis ball 30 yards. This is assuming you can throw properly.

        Now think about how your hips moved. The moved latteraly then right side of hip came around. See it? Feel it? Now check that this is happening in your golf swing.

        Lateral movement with not enough hip rotation with an intent to late hit and lead with lower body will cause all you have talked about. It is the natural logical conclusion to almost all that is written about golf.

        Now that may not fix you but your problems sound familiar.

        Also check you dont sway on backswing and see if you are confortable showing as much of your back to target as Shawn does at the top. All will be clues to what is going wrong.