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Just Saw Shawn on English TV (sky golf)

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  • Just Saw Shawn on English TV (sky golf)

    Was watching Sky golf channel (UK) and up popped Shawn Clement teaching a very attractive lady (Anna) pitching. He went through no crashing drill and also talked about dandilion stem.

    Came across very well. Not creepy at all which must have been hard because the girl was quite a looker!!

    Nice one Shawn. Sky is a big brand TV in UK so I hope he does well out of this.

    Ive followed Shawn for years and spoken to him a few times and it was like seeing an old friend on TV. hahahahhaa

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    Anna Whiteley, quite a looker!
    Blair O'Neal would beat her at golf though.

    Here's the video with Shawn:
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