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  • Arm / Body Sync and Extension

    Hi WIG Friends

    There is an old Drill/Practice concept that seems to have fallen out of favor some time ago. I remember it being something along the lines of 'keep the Triangle' ..

    Usually it's a variant of something a bit like this:

    Heck, I seem also to recall being shown and having to do a fairly equivalent version of that very same drill.. .. I also must confess that it never really usefully sunk in..

    that having been stipulated to .. I'm not sure that these concepts will necessarily resonate with any of the fine golf minds who inhabit this very Golf Forum.

    although .. you may want to clear just a bit of mental space for it .. because it or a more illustrated version of this concept might be a bigger help than it first looks.

    The 'key' might well be more in the synchronization of arms to body to reach not only the proper 'position' (if there truly is such a thing) in the backswing .. but also in the PROPER TIME..

    where gravity then can be fully appreciated or enjoyed to simply 'do nothing'..

    consider if you will .. the early WIG notion of the seemingly mysterious 'Arm Levitation' .. where the turn of the body provides the leverage 'up' .. the sort of 'extended toss' and then 'fall'..

    I would think that if a WIG Friend has that carved out in their respective memories..

    a version of that concept might work something like this c/o Brian Manzella

    If your sense of the takeaway is more of the old WIG - 'placing the arms' .. which to me, suggests working a bit more with the hands/arms and a potentially a bit higher in the spine..

    maybe something more like this version would be more useful:

    for a second or so more - please indulge my mental ramble .. and think about why you might be (if you are) getting 'stuck'..

    is it because the head of the club has been moved by your hands to the right 'place' .. but a bit too quickly so that the net result is that you have now achieved a state of 'being in the way' of your own gravity assisted swing?

    Now current WIG discussions have evolved well past this kind of thing .. and that's probably a good thing.. but just like in school .. later lessons build on initial ones.. you miss or misunderstand some of the basics.. it's hard to usefully apply the later concepts ..even if you understand them.

    if you haven't tried this to get a better sense of 'sync' ..

    what do you have to lose?

    an inexpensive foam ball might be one of the best training aids you ever tried....

    what goes up must come down..

    but the quality of the UP could improve your 'Fall'

    cheers for now


    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

    Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

    let energy instead of style define you.

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    Hi Kid,

    Don't feel bad, you're not the only one recently to start a thread, and not hear anything except crickets . . .

    In fact, with not much of anything going on around here lately, I decided to put up my Gone Fishin' sign.

    Anyway, as to the drill/practice concept you highlighted in this thread, I thought I would add a Shawn video where he talks about the same idea, and he shows the Martin Kaymer tennis ball drill (starting at about the 6:50 mark) . . .


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      Hi Cally

      The Crickets are a great motif..

      they are very soothing and in many cultures, considered good luck..

      I'm also glad you had that very relevant Shawn video - the Cally Archive never disappoints.. I picture it as some kind of fantastic vault with sections of Golf Memorabilia, a Hall of Fame, racks of videos and all sorts of consoles to do advanced research.

      Matter of fact, it's so fantastic that I'm going to have the tech team at Crackpot National work on some kind of portal to link to the Cally Archive for those Members so motivated to do advanced research to cross the 'rainbow bridge' and visit when allowed ..

      While it might just be you, me and the 'Crickets' enjoying this latest insight .. it's more crucial than it first might appear..

      I suspect that Shawn links the Target picture to the clubhead path .. which links to the ACU/Body in a way that the 'ball between the forearms' can allow you to see.

      A sidenote might be that a more lower body dominant swing of some sort would be more the 'tennis ball' between the wrists.. where the swing would work more apparently 'out as down'

      anyway, just a thought..

      until the next visit from the Cally archive.



      from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
      tu nunquam hic

      Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

      let energy instead of style define you.

      Proud Member 'Quote Yourself Club'


      • Cally
        Cally commented
        Editing a comment
        Actually Kid I can't be credited with a Cally Archive, it was Happyroman who left me the keys to his video vault, and when I've seen something posted I just go in and grab what might be a relevant video to add to the thread.

        As far as the 'Crickets' around here, they can be nice to listen to . . . but it's just not what it used to be on the Forum. I remember when someone started a thread or posted a question that it was typical for six, seven, and eight or more people to respond, along with relevant video support. As it is now, you're lucky if you get one response. In fact, the last time I started a thread the only response I got was from a spammer. To make a golf analogy, perhaps the Forum has simply "faded" away like a golf shot that seemed to start off well, but somehow veered out of bounds, and now the ball has been lost with the three minute search time ticking away as any hope for the ball to be found has virtually diminished.


        Yikes Kid, yet another day has gone by and still nothing but you, me, and the Crickets! Sorry to say it, but it seems this Forum is toast.

        I'm not sure I can take much more of the excitement around here. I see an exit ramp up ahead that looks like a great one. I'll leave the keys for the video vault in the upper right hand desk drawer in Happyroman's office for whoever may want to use them.

        I guess I'll check back next spring to see if there's anything going on around here. All the best!
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