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Battering Ram and Focus

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  • Battering Ram and Focus

    Hi Everyone,

    I just watched the new battering ram video of the premium channel. This seems to make a lot of sense to me.

    Recently, I have had major improvements in my swing and ball contact by not focussing on the ball and being much more in tune with the cycle of momentum and waiting for the accumulation of momentum.

    With the battering ram, it seems that the key is to have a straight left arm with the side of the left (RH player). pointing to target. I am loathe to start focusing again on having body parts at specific locations. This caused me all sorts of issues for the first half of this year.

    Can someone please help as to how to achieve the battering ram effect which I think I need to optimise my distances, whilst focussing on cycle of momentum and throwing to target.


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    In Paris Shawn wanted me to do the battering ram, but at that time it did not work.
    My issue with the battering ram is, I somehow stop soon after the doorframe, I don't perform the snap, like throwing something.
    But the battering ram is a good external thougt to use the ellbow to lead the move and is a good visualisation to have the club parallel to the ground, while the hands are already over the ball. A position you think, it is impossible to get the clubface to the ball.
    But it seems important, Shawn shows this battering ram position in so many videos.
    Here is another idea to achieve the battering ram move (ellbow leads, shaft parallel to the ground) but combined with an instinctive throwing action.

    With this little device, throwing like skipping a stone, you can easily feel and perform the right move. Ellbow leads, the arrow will give an immediate and easy feedback about the direction (parallel to the ground) and then the correct snapping / release
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      I find that the club is too light. You either imagine it as something heavier or practice with something heavier. Shawn recommends four clubs as an option. Once you get the movement down, Shawn is actually correct, it is next to impossible to not release the club.