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    Hello fellow golfer,

    It's wonderful to hear about your golf journey and how you've found a swing approach that resonates with you. Your experience is a testament to the fact that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution in golf; what works for one person might not work as effectively for another. Let's delve into your insights and observations.

    Firstly, you've highlighted a key aspect of the golf swing - the interaction between the body and the arms. It's true that golf instruction often emphasizes different elements to help golfers improve. The "body turns in" concept you mentioned can sometimes lead to the arms taking precedence, which, as you've experienced, might not yield consistent results for everyone.

    Your comparison to Shawn's earlier years is quite intriguing, as it draws attention to a body-centric movement. Like the "wrecking ball operator" approach, where the body initiates the movement and the arms follow, this kind of sequence can indeed promote a more fluid, balanced, and coordinated swing.

    The notion of the "tug of war" effect between the legs and the arms is an interesting visualization. It seems you've tapped into a feeling of power generation from the ground up, which can provide a stable foundation for your swing and enhance your control over the club.

    Your description of your current swing's benefits - centeredness, balance, relaxed arms, and a lack of stuck positions - are all indicative of a harmonious body-arm relationship. This harmony enables better sequencing and timing throughout the swing, leading to more consistent ball striking and overall performance.

    It's important to remember that golf is a dynamic and evolving journey. As you continue to refine your swing and technique, maintaining this focus on initiating the backswing with a body turn can certainly help you maintain the fluidity and consistency you've found.

    For those reading this, the key takeaway is to always stay open to experimenting with different swing concepts and mechanics. Each golfer has their own unique swing DNA, and finding the approach that aligns with your body mechanics and natural tendencies can yield fantastic results, as you've wonderfully exemplified.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience, and I'm sure your journey will inspire others to explore various aspects of their own swings. Keep enjoying the game, and may your swings be ever graceful and powerful.

    Wishing you fairways and greens,
    EH - Expert Golf Instruction Trainer