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Backswing and 1 leg drill

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  • Backswing and 1 leg drill

    In my parallel post about backswing I reported, that for me the wrecking ball works fine. That is a body turn to start the backswing.
    I dived deeper in that topic in the last days. 1 day the swing was poor and finally my observation was, I turned, but more with the upper body.
    Then I paid more attention to the motion during my exercise with the battle rope ( 1 arm throw). It was clear, that works only with that heavy weight from ground up. I remembered a recent video of Shawn about 1 leg drill and the 'aha' was born. With the 1 leg drill, standing on the front food, you have no other chance to turn, only if the front leg is active. So I tried to transfer the 1 leg turn feel to the normal 2 leg stance. Wow, it works. It creates a backswing position like Shawn for me. From there whipping through the ball is no big deal.
    Played yesterday with our Club Champion and he said, my swing looks different, stable, not working, somehow easy, but I hit the ball a mile. Next Par 5 was a perfect drive, only 190 m to the pin left . My 20 degree hybrid 3 landed 1 m in front of the flag, ball lipped out. I was never so close to an albatros, but tap in eagle is also nice. And it did not stop. 1 leg like turn, throw the club, straight and long. I played 8 strokes better than the club champion, nice end year round.
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    In the premium trainings sessions 4/5, Shawn re-emphasized again, that the left hand is basically UNDER the right hand during the initial phase of the backswing. He pointed out clearly, no arm rotation happens until this point, when both arms are still straight.
    I believe, this is an underestimated topic, mainly for the majority, who tend to go too much to the inside during the backswing.
    The 1 leg backswing combined with the straighter arms (left hand under right hand helps to achieve that) is an terrific awareness exercise to get in a situation, from where whipping trough the ball into the target is nearly automatic.
    Reason is, 2 of the main short circuits are not there.
    Not enough turn and arms too much inside.


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      I would suspect that people's elbows fold differently and this will dictate how much 'left hand under right' can happen before the arm rotation. These differences have already been categorised by Ed Tischler and Mike Adams. I think I posted this before but here is this 9 page section article in Golf Magazine.

      Look at page 95 - on the right hand side you will see 'ATTENTION! Variables At Work'. You can clearly see that the track of your backswing is dependent on a whole variety of things but an example is how the rear elbow folds for different people. So if you are 'tossing' into the backswing or tuning into a 'PMD waggle fall' into the backswing, this elbow fold and subsequent rotation should happen naturally without any conscious thought of 'left hand under right'.
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