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Loose Arms and Don't try and cut the grass with your hands! lol

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  • Loose Arms and Don't try and cut the grass with your hands! lol

    Hi, I have been away for a while, at first I had great improvement with WIG and then I came to a standstill and felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. I changed back to my old swing and I think I was getting worse. So yesterday, I had to play matchplay for my club, and I decided to change back to WIG's swing at the first tee (as you do!!!!!), I was going okay but nothing special, I was trying to cut the grass, but I seemed to be getting stuck etc, and on the back nine I had a mini break through, take your arms and hands out of the swing and let your body and momentum swing the club.....Wow, what a difference, I still had some crappy shots, but I also had a lot of beautiful ones too. I lost the match on the 18th hole. I am back with my tail between my

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    Hi Julie --

    welcome back - seemed too quiet around here without you ..glad you had some success in your Match and maybe finding a bit of a 'click' in your swing..

    so a body turn and its sequence seem to work...


    that sounds like a visit to the Hogan Power Move videos for you..

    might be worth a look..

    keep swinging my friend


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      Glad you're back Julie H! I've been around WIG technique since late 2012. I left one time into my old swing (PPGS) as I misapplied the braced tilt, did some lower back pain! So, I came back into WIG again late 2013, and have mostly stuck with it. When I think of that old swing, it had some wondrous range outings, but carried poorly to the course.

      I also recall horrid golfer's elbow using it 6-7 yrs. ago that required nearly 3 mos. of PT, no golf. The last straw was some tennis elbow in same left lead arm in 2013. In the speak of injury, for some random and frustrated reason, I tried out that older restricted motion ppgs swing about three weeks ago. Guess what? I could not move the golf ball with it at all, & I now am in a new and worse injury than those b4! Somehow, I entrapped/pinched the radial & medial nerves from the Cervical connection thru the shoulder, and experience sharp needle-like pain in my thumb,index, middle fingers and top of left arm. Was driving one-armed, shaving/brush teeth were like torture!

      After finally trash-canning that swing, it has healed with time somewhat - I am visiting a neurologist just for precaution. Despite this pain that really hits a lefty who golfs righty a lot, I played with WIG through it. This method is so free-flowing - I am starting to see huge driver dividends lately.

      My lesson learned is that injury can be averted using WIG, and effortless power thru a tiny golf ball awaits you here with some patience.


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        great to see you back in action in golf and on the boards.. I hope that you have an enjoyable and productive 2017 campaign - I think a great insight that you shared with us is about how the WIG swing is free flowing action to target - so many golf swings have elements of resistance to them ..and ultimately the human body, when it can't dissipate that energy - starts breaking down. There's a lot more to this - but I'll save that for another discussion 'someday' - the important thing is that you're feeling better - out getting some swings in and liking the results..

        cheers for now


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      Thanks guys, hope I don't annoy you all too much with my questions.


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        J - all good, and in learning, it's all about recognizing 'fine distinctions' - only the power of questions can unlock that for you and anybody seriously trying to learn something..

        good luck in your journey this year!


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      I never played golf, but I wanna try it soon, the thing is that I don't think that the lawn where I wanna play is good enough.


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        The lawn has a great influence for a golf player. Maybe as a beginner, I won't feel a big difference, but when you will get some experience you will see it. You can start practicing on what you have, the lawn is not a problem when you only start, you can fix it during the time. I can recommend you to use some lawn fertilizers in spring and it will grow soft and thick. You can have a look on this website and see which are the best fertilizers for the lawn. You will feel a big difference after this.
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