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Backhand - a desperate plea for help

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  • Backhand - a desperate plea for help

    Dear all,

    I've been playing golf for about 15 years as a backhander. I'm right-handed, but I cannot hit a club RH if I had a gun to my head. Which, frankly, is what I feel golf is for me right now.

    I can play ok weekend-tennis RH, I do fishing with my right arm, and I'll throw balls right handed. However, I used to play hockey left handed as a youngster.

    My handicap is about 16-18. My best round is a 84. I can drive long if I have a good day. Yesterday, with a bit of help from the wind, I drove the ball about 290m on the green.

    BUT: I have no idea what a release feels like. I am so tired of showing up at the course not having a clue what a proper release should feel like.

    I'm battling a shank, which gives me much grief and tension.

    So, dear backhanders, can someone please describe in detail their feeling in the lead arm and wrist? As a backhander? I think i've watched most of Shawn's videos, and I need this really detailed and slow. What feeling should I achieve in my lead arm and wrist? My LH is basically useless when it comes to golf.

    Should I pull left right side at some point to make my right hand turn over and down?
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    I am sure you will get some advise from the backhanders on this Forum. In the mean time let's get you a video to start helping you get that Release feel.



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      Hi and welcome.
      I'm following WIG for almost a year now so I'm pretty new here. I play golf backhanded.. also baseball and hockey. I'm right handed. I feel my body works better this way. I finally started to gain some distance and my keys were to have stronger grip (or close the club face more), hold the grip lighter, allow the left elbow to bend in backswing and try to make my grip to move fast using my body to the direction it wants to go (fall). The release happens automatically. Thet key feeling for me is allowing it to happen. Actually it's much like the one handed sword drill, it just happens at the right time if you are loose enough, have a good rhytm and keep your body moving.
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        Hi and thank you for the replies! That video is good!

        My big problem is how to get the lead arm to

        a: Turn over like the frisbee throw with the arms falling
        b: Which direction should the frisbee throw be? For a leftie: Should the frisbee go downward/left, downward/straight, downward/right, upward/left etc?

        How can I make the snap? I think I usually end up going up with my legs on the downswing to try to snap it through. I'll try to make a video tomorrow as I will be hitting the range.

        Ps. How strong are your grips? 45 degrees closed club face if you have your hand in a neutral position? Do you have a shaft lean with the club in a straight line with the arm when setting up?
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          I will attempt to answer your questions.

          The Frisbee Throw is an analogy. It's to help you get that feel of assisting Momentum in your golf swing. If I was throwing a frisbee I would attempt to throw it towards my target.

          The three videos below will help you understand what the arms are doing in the golf swing. Remember what Shawn said in the Dominate Lead Hand video, you want your golf club to release your anatomy, not the other way around.

          Baton Twirl base: 1/20/2015

          Baton Part 2 with Hero: 1/27/2015

          Golf Lifeguards Episode 5 Arm Motion: August 22, 2015

          And here is a link to Shawn's videos about the Grip.

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            Thanks again, very helpful! The baton videos are good! I also think i have been standing to far away from the ball. I'll go to the range again tomorrow and try this tomorrow!