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Flattening my backswing

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  • Flattening my backswing

    Hi gang -- I just came back from a driver fitting. I really struggle with a slice (the fitter was kind enough to call it a "cut" but my ball ends up in the trees too often for me to call it anything but a slice). The fitter told me that I was slicing because my swing path was too steep, which facilitates an over-the-top/outside-in swing. Does Shawn have anything specifically for flattening out the swing?


    PS: at my fitting, I thought the hands-down winning head was the Ping G400. It had a lovely, deep, and solid sound at impact. It also gave me the best numbers with the same shafts. Can't wait to sell off some of my extras and get a G400!

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    If you are coming in too steep then your task is off. You are trying to hit the ball as opposed to swinging toward the target. Work on swinging toward the target and letting the ball get in the way. You cannot swing toward the target and swing too steep.


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      That analogy is really fantastic. If I am concerned about swing plane, I go to the range and re-calibrate myself with a ball laying at the corner of a wall and I imitate nailing it through . Works immediately.


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        Saw Shawn back in May he fixed my backswing that was way to steep. I had a short circuit in my grip that was preventing me from swinging to my target. My right thumb was supporting the club at the top of the backswing. I had my right thumb on top of grip/shaft, causing the shaft to be vertical at the top. Right index finger should support the club at top of backswing and through the down swing. This almost instantly flattened out my swing. He had me practice swinging/hitting shots with the ball above my feet. Lastly, always make sure I am swinging toward my target and not the ball.