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  • Casting


    Been a while since I was here at WIG.

    I am tending to cast the club from the top, even when doing my best to focus on the target and swing to the target (kinetic chain). When I go to the ground in transition my club just moves away from me.

    I have been experimenting with leveraging the handle of the club, using my hands to oppose one another to maintain my arm/club unit until releasing through the ball.

    My question is... what pressures do you exert on the handle when in transition?


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    Hi David,

    Before trying to answer your specific question, I'm thinking that there could be some short circuits going on with your grip; or other issues like an incomplete wrist hinge; arm collapse, etcetera. So my first suggestion is to check out this video just to make sure these things are sound and intact . . .

    If you have these things working, then I would suggest introducing a little pause in the transition. I've found a brief pause in the transition to be very helpful not just for timing, tempo, and rhythm, but it also helps with keeping the hands/arms from being active in the transition (e.g., no early casting or early unhinging or early loss of lag). Check out these videos . . .

    And one last video concerning your thread title "Casting" . . . Shawn says "casting" is fantastic for golf, we just need to know how to "cast" in the right direction . . .

    So not to be evasive in answering your question about "what pressures do you exert on the handle when in transition" as this can be different for everyone, and likely for most it's not anything that's conscious, I think you may find the answers you need in these videos.

    Let us know how it goes!


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      I find one of the recent videos from Shawn very good, an interesting approach.
      He says, if a right handed golfer cuts grass with the left arm only and makes a video tape, no casting will bee seen, vice versa.
      It is nearly impossible to fulfill this task not with lag.
      So, you have a reference, a feeling.
      Concerning the right hand, it follows in the first attempt, right hand is not at the grip.
      Soon is clear, to follow correctly, the right elbow needs some space, not to hit the body.
      Many will be astonished about the gap knees - hands.

      I find that left hand cutting grass idea interesting, because it combines 2 important things.

      An excellent external thought together with target direction. Even better, you can cut grass to the intermediate point few inch before the ball in direction of target.

      Distance with that idea is for me very good.

      It it also easy to optimize the correct angle of approach.

      For irons you cut the dandilons/grass slightly into the ground (Divot), fairway cut grass is a kind of floating over the ground parallel, driver is cutting grass upwards, the tip of the tee is the longest dandelion.


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