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    Kelvin's articles may not be for everybody but I have found his method to be the easiest way to swing a golf club and the safest. Our bodies are designed to move this way when the spine/ribcage and pelvis rotates. There is nothing difficult in how elite swings function in fact the most difficult movement - the transition from backswing to downswing is one we do in our everyday life. The difference is we are at the top of the backswing when we do it. The movement I refer to is "contraposto". (Google "What is Contraposto in Art. Here's an Explanation of Classical Contraposto).
    During transition we should be resisting the return of the shoulders but driving the right elbow forward while moving into contraposto then thrusting the pelvis in the direction of the target. To feel this set of movements adopt the contraposto stance with the weight distributed as in the red and blue lines. Tilt the upper body forward and turn the trunk away from the target with the left arm aligned with the target and the right elbow inside the right hip. The final movement is to thrust the pelvis towards the target while clenching both glutes together.
    By practicing these movements and feeling an awareness of each segment, Kelvin's articles will become much easier to understand.


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      Hi anzac - appreciate you sharing that and did start researching the Contrapposto in art, which is fascinating. I'm also glad that Kelvin M has been a good 'guide star' for you in your journey. without putting you too much on the spot - are you able to share what method or swing concept were you working with (I'm assuming with some success) before finding Kelvin? Curious to get an idea of where you were vs. where you are.

      Cheers for Now


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    Hi k_f
    Well I have been playing golf for 50 years. Played my first comp at 24. Shot 78 six months later. Basketball was my passion and I was able to compete at national level. Throughout my golfing life I seemed to be around elite golfers from touring pros to good amateurs. At 60 years old I expected to score around par when I tried it up. What irked me was that I didn't know how my swing or elite golf swings worked. I read instruction books going back to the 1920's (my golf library is quite extensive). If I didn't have a particular book, a mate who was more obsessive than me about golf history had it in his library.
    It was when I joined another golf club and began playing with a father and son at my new club that I discovered Kelvin's articles. The father was a scratch player and the son was a golfing prodigy. The combination of watching Des and Cameron and reading Kelvin's words gave me an insight into the elite golf swing.
    The Contraposto thing was pure chance. I happened to see the word and googled it. One look and I recognised it as the transition move in an elite golf swing before the weight fully moved over to the target side.
    Where am I at now? I would like to think my swing is a 75 year old version of Cameron Smith's golf swing.


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      Hi anzac

      appreciate you sharing your story - had you sort of pegged as a 'player' from what you've been contributing over the years. With where your swing is and the success you're having - I think any attempt I would make to have you break it down might be counterproductive.

      I would much rather have you out sending the ball 'far and sure' than thinking about Kelvin vs. Leadbetter or any of the others who are out there doing good work.

      even a Crackpot Swing Theorist (World's Leading) has to be willing to step back from the incredibly lucrative and personally satisfying swing theorizing once in a while..

      I'm confident that you will not seek other swing opinions and continue to enjoy the ownership of what you've built for yourself..

      I wish I had your game ..

      but I've got what I've got ..

      and while I walk a different path that involves a different sequence and resulting concepts.. I respect the considerable work and focus to build a high level game.

      I tip my increasingly threadbare & tattered golf cap to you, Sir..

      wishing you fairways and greens..

      from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
      tu nunquam hic

      Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

      let energy instead of style define you.

      Proud Member 'Quote Yourself Club'