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Tilt, turn, behind the doorframe

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  • Tilt, turn, behind the doorframe

    After the session with Shawn here in Germany I still cannot really believe, how good I performed. And still do.
    The first round after Shawn returned was simply one of my best experiences in golf ever.
    However, few days later, after some stressful working days, the contact was partly poor. The simple reason, I forgot in my set up to imitate to use an axe.
    I tested that later in the backyard.
    what a difference between behind the door frame with an axe vs 'normal PGA set up'.
    Front view, the head is left of the door frame and visible vs head is nearly not visible, is at the same level of the door frame.

    The difference ( for my swing) to the ball is pure contact vs nearly a shank.

    Funny to stay with the feet exactly at the same place and check the divots of both options. For me they are different. Option 2 is few cm more away ....shank.

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    Nice to see that progress post a Shawn clinic! You must be feeling like you are really going to drive a spike straight thru the ball with the more powerful setup.

    My iron swing has improved as the season goes on, but my driver swing has become an erratic mess! Shouldn't be such a disparity, and makes me want to become a layup player - which is really odd and less fun. Also, I play forged MB irons - they require the precise contact, and I enjoy consistent distances with them. But my drivers, models from 2011, 12, & 15 are pretty much Game Improvement category, they are really more forgiving.

    I think there are two faults now in Driver I got that is killing me on 8 of 10 shots. Too much effort. I feel like I try to destroy the ball area. And, I'm all over the place on stock setup. I don't remember if I like to emphasize a definitive shoulder tilt front to back or feel like I am more level at setup (which of course, we are not with bottom hand placement dropping the trail shoulder some).

    I do best sticking with high tees, so I sole the club about two full head widths or more behind the ball. My fave shot in Driver and more so in irons is a draw. Can others add on which way they setup in driver in re:shoulder tilt that has worked best for you on Driver swing? Thanks!


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      Hm, driver is my preferred Club, I am not sure, I can give the correct advices.
      It was nice to see, that I am not far away from Shawn on most holes, during our common 2x18 holes round. No wonder, he is 2 years younger than me.

      I suggest to review the driver videos in regard of set up and task.
      The basic motion is exactly the same for irons and driver.
      The difference is the ball on the ground vs on a tee.
      One possible option to think about it is, fairway wood from the grass. The ball is slightly more forward compared to iron, but only because of the width of the clubhead.
      The driver clubhead should touch the ground in the middle of the stance as well, but travells further, slightly up and can nip the top of the tee for perfect ball contact.
      I can now hit very good drivers from the deck, not much shorter, than from the tee.(Shawn showed that several times in Altenstadt and I was keen to copy that. Easier, than most believe and a good exercise. Views of the neighbors on the mats is a nice and cost free side effect.
      I am pretty sure, you don't turn to the ball opposite of the front foot, right?
      Try that fairway wood trick, select a low or medium tee height then, nip the tip of the tee a couple of times.
      For real good drives, to hit slightly up is an advantage, means you need a little more tilt, but that is the next step.


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        The second take away of the sessions.
        I mentioned that topic so often, but old habbits die hard.
        If we are not so flexible as tour pros, it is a huge advantage to turn the hips a lot. And we all know, it is also healthier.
        But, often I don't perform that perfectly.
        To see Shawn live was very interesting.
        His backswing is slow, but the hips turn intensively. It is easy to oversee that, because it is very smooth.
        But the hands travel only few inch and the hip is nearly fully turned. It is definetely, before the wrists hinges
        For me, that is a different feeling, as turning the shoulders.
        If the hips are already there, the shoulder follows easily.
        It's a feel to have tremendous room for the arms to do their job.
        Maybe that hip move in combination with the rear foot bolted into the ground was my missing link.

        As a mental picture, the old advice, shake hands to somebody who is standing right of you.
        But exercise to turn to him with the hips at first motion and dominant action.
        Do you already feel the new freedom to swing the arms to the target?


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          Yeh, Alpine, I like lots of mentions of your open freedom to turn back as it is quite useful for your swing motion to work. In fact, the latest video Shawn posted via WRX has an element I also have used at times to augment this, but not as often as I will now going forward.

          He and a student of his (much younger than me! I am also 2yrs+ to Shawn) were showing how one has a greater access to turn by simply dropping the rear foot off the parallel toe line just a few inches. And, the student did so both draw & fades. Like the student, I've become mostly a draw player in WIG, I am a natural lefty who plays righty - that ball flight and setup required feels best for me.

          I am recalling that old advice we both heard before in our old swing about shaking hands to someone right of me .