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  • Feel the weight trouble

    Hi All,

    Just hoping for a little insight that may help me with the driver. I am really struggling with "feel the weight of the instrument" with a driver in my hands, I find it has helped a lot with my irons but the driver feels like holding no weight at all. I think this is causing my trust in gravity to falter and resulting in the swing killer manipulation.

    I'm sure some here may have felt similar, so any advice on tuning in to feeling the weight when there is not so much weight to feel.


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    Hi guys,

    IMHO, the "weight" to which we refer in "....WAIT for the Weight..." is largely comprised of the "meat" and "bone" of your ARMS in the "Arm-Club-Unit" (ACU)

    If you look at it THAT way, the "difference" between the "weight" with an IRON is only marginally heavier than that with the Driver?
    Hardly enough to agonize over?

    In my experience and observation it is more of a failure to be PATIENT with the Driver such that we FORCE the club "down" before it has had a chance to complete its Cycle....hence WAIT for the weight?

    dude abides
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      Wise words, I thank you


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        A huge key that most golfers fail to pick up on when trying to swing their driver with the SAME swing mentality that they swing their irons is their grip pressure. We have a tendency to squeeze the snot out of the grip on the driver because we want to smash the ball to smitherines. ;>) So try and feel a firm but relaxed grip with your driver the same as a 50 yard half pitch grip.


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        Funny how different folks have opposing issue of feeling the weight! Right now, I am the one who has no problem feeling the weight of the driver head. It is the one club which feels like on my full swing is gonna get thrown way out and down the fairway.

        My problem is with clubs starting at about the 4 iron slot (hybrid 25 for me) through the 7 or 8 iron. I am loosing those headweight feels and becoming very inconsistent with release or not. I can overcook/hook. thin but straight, or toe off to the right about 5 degrees in these clubs too often. There is not enough feel in them like driver. I think I grip my irons and some hybrids too tight as I anticipate ground contact.

        I don't anticipate such collision with a high tee driver. I am actually searching for the feel post ball/ground contact with these clubs that matches my driver swing - like I am whipping it way out towards the green. Anyways, chip shots are also working great now as I try to only feel like I am just cutting grass swaths towards a spot on the green, forget about the ball in the way.

        That is another feel I can't xsfer to my full iron shots that could work for me but is too elusive - cutting a grass swath toward a target line, ball in the way.

        Furthermore, it can't be an equipment thing. I do have three full sets of irons to pick from with shaft weights at 115g, 120g, and 127g - no head feel in either to throw them way out there and no discipline to cut grass patches like I do well in chipping. Should I go gangster & try some lead tape on the soles?


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          Something that I have been toying with in my down time is what physics are taking place in the golf club swing. By that I mean if I take a very small two foot by two foot swing with the lightest grip that I can still maintain forward momentum, what does the club head do to the hands? I.e. supination, pronation all that stuff that I can not physically control unless I try. It seems to have freed up my swings at the 50 % effort level (winter here). I am sure that as I learn to give up more control the results should be similar under more effort??

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        Notice Shawn , Costa and co are very careful not to talk about swinging the club. Just a note that anyone who is trying to swing the club head then that will not work.

        Ill qualify that by saying 'from the top of the backswing'.
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        • COSTA103
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          ...not sure where we're going with this?
          (I kinda feel like I've been "outed" to the Principal's Office? )

          Swinging of the Arm-Club-Unit (ACU) is, imho, a STAPLE of WIG.
          But having said that I AM trying to "swing the club-head"?
          It's just more that the club-head should be ALLOWED to swing rather than FORCED to swing?
          I like to think of it as I "sWing" my ACU and "sLing" the club-head?

          I'll go away quietly now....

          dude abides

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          Dude, my thoughts exactly on the mechanics of the swing thought process.

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          .....thanks guys....

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        Hi guys,

        Figured I'd leave my 2 cents... For what it's worth.

        1) You need to be careful not to turn your thinking into any "internal" thoughts. A long time ago I found myself thinking too hard about waiting for the weight. Well how long do I wait? When do I react? Do I wait to feel it and then react? What the hell is this weight I'm waiting for???? Why can't I feel it?????
        2) The more you actually think about waiting for the weight the more your mind leaves your "task in the direction of the target" way of thinking. Remember that this is MOST important on EVERY swing.
        3) Do yourself a favor and swing a very heavy object. If you have a sledgehammer, or an axe that's great. If not, hold 3-4 clubs together and swing them all at the same time. You'll find yourself instinctively waiting for these objects to swing as you help them along their merry way (nobody has to tell you to wait for the weight of a sledgehammer). You'll find your body using the ground to get beautifully out of the way as these objects swing in either direction.

        Now... go back to one club. Imagine your club as a heavy grass-cutting tool. Use the weight of your tool to cut through the grass.

        THIS is why Shawn has so many analogies. Your human brain is absolutely ingenious at performing tasks. I recommend you try many of the analogies and find one that clicks for you.


        • Ken Robie
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          That's where the sword drill comes in very handy as a very light weight compared to the club head when swinging through to target.

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        Try this for giggles. Take a shaft, “I have a broken one from an old driver”, without the driver head. Yes just the super light shaft, and swing the crap out of it and you’ll notice you can’t feel a thing. Now take your driver and swing it immediately after. Now you’ll feel the weight. It feels like it weighs 10 lbs. Helps me immensely!!


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          Hi Everyone,

          Here is a drill that might help.


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            Hi All,

            Thanks a bunch for all the replies. I have an old 3 wood shaft I will stick in the bag for the next range session. Probably mostly my head getting in the way of allowing the gravity genius to do it's thing.


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              My actual thoughts on the weight are most important in two areas.

              Number one the actual weight of the thing I am holding.

              Number two what I propose to do with that weight.

              If you pick up a sledge hammer then you mentally assess its weight. Then you think about the task you want to achieve with said hammer and then you perform it accordingly.

              The same process is used whatever weight of object you are using. A very light badminton racket vs a heavy sledge hammer or something as simple as a snow ball.

              As for feeling the weight drills or insights or whatever I recommend weight reaction learning with a heavy weight. It is very much harder to manipulate a heavier weight and your brain will find it easier to identify the best path to objective. When we use light weights we have a very very strong temptation to manipulate because its easy.

              As Shawn has suggested it is much easier to teach someone the correct way of swinging a bag of sand onto a truck because the CNS will have far fewer options of manipulation.

              As for 'head getting in the way' sure. Id just call that false intent. However we do have the ability to see and understand how we are 'getting in the way'. I know when to push my child on the swing and time the effort to maximise the gravity drop from the top. Now did I reason that out or was this just a instinct thing? Im going to go with 'I worked it out'. Many would go with 'instinct'. I wouldnt have a problem with a bit of both.

              So what about 'trial and error' I hear some say. Well yes. Thats one massive function of the way we learn but if there is more than one way to achieve your goal then this is when we have issues.

              If you want me to take a full on trip to crazy town then here it is. You know when you have a computer or smartphone or whatever and you want it to play a video game? It cant just play it. You get a brand new computer and it doesnt come with a game you want. It has the ability to learn the game ,..sure. The learning comes in the form of a download. Ok still with me? You download a program or app and low and behold your phone or computer can now play a video game. In fact it took you some time to download the program but lo and behold it can now instantly upload the game as and when you want it to.

              When you learn how to do something you download the program to your brain. You dont often have to learn how to do the thing again and again.

              Sometimes you learned this a long time ago and you cant even remember you had to learn it.

              Some things give you the ability to download the learning. This is your CNS and brain.

              So my conclussion is that it is very difficult to now establish how your brain is 'getting in the way'. As many of your destructive actions will have been put into the 'auto pilot' section of movement.

              This is why the rabbit hole runs deep.

              No too golf shots are the same. There are many many variables an active brain will have to grapple with. So assessing the wind, distance, light, and so on and so on will have your brain occupied in a creative sense but that is not re-learning an action. So I do subscribe to picturing the shot etc.

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                I understand. I worry about my extra weight as much as you do about the "weight" of the driver. This is a serious problem for me. It prevents me from socializing in society, and my self-esteem is severely diminished. I've tried different diets and even splurged and bought myself an expensive and high-quality smart scale at But it turned out that almost all of these weight loss methods do not work, and those that work, almost no results. Last week I signed up for the gym. I hope that at least some results will appear. Wish me luck.
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