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State Golf Championships

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  • State Golf Championships

    Ben got to ride the coattails of the seniors on his high school golf team to the State Championships.

    He was great off the tee but from 100 yards in one anxious trigger and the wheels came off as he simply went up and hit the shot with NO ROUTINE. Ex. On one par 5 he drove the left lateral green side bunker in two. He though about birdie, the screws tightened, no routine stepped up and just hit it in a rushed manner. He hit it thin over the green and OB and carded an 8. Two holes prior he had a harder bunker shot to save par, was into his routine and hop stop to two feet.

    He finished 70 out of 93.... He is just a sophomore but is getting 275 yard out of his 5' 9" frame.

    Below is his first tee shot. He was a tad quick with a slight pull but it was in the fairway. He hit 21 out of 28 fairways.

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    Congratulations to Ben !

    I know you have been working hard to help him continue to build his game, and it must be great to see him playing at such a high level! His swing looks better than ever and the hard part about learning how to deal with tough situations is having to be in hard situations! You've both got the Summer ahead to enjoy some good times on the Golf Course together.. maybe through a few balls in a bunker here or there and make a game out of it with him.. play for some low stakes, but something that you would both want to compete for .. he'll show you some high level focus !!

    Best of Luck to you Both

    and thanks for updating your friends here on the WIG Forum


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      Wow! Congratulations. Though i can't see the video, base on what you have stated here ben is a great golfer. Keep it up Ben and luck to both.