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Driver going way to high.

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  • Driver going way to high.

    Last year I started hitting my driver better then I ever have. Took the winter off from golf and just started playing again last week.
    From out of nowhere I have started ballooning my drives.
    They go really high and no distance. Sometimes I pull them to the left. Im not leaving marks on the head of my driver so I dont think im to steep.
    Very frustrating.
    My buddies say it looks like im hitting up on it to much. Like my right shoulder is to low.
    I've tried moving the ball in my stance with bad results.
    Im striping my irons but this driver is killing my scoring.
    Any help, drills or ideas/

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    Hi Indiana..

    hope all is well in the Heartland..

    assuming that your iron strikes are all about predicting the bottom of the swing and finding compression in the shot(s)

    here's a way to potentially find a sort of 'missing link' between where you are and where you're trying to consistently be ..

    this little 1 minute clip is a vintage - but for you very relevant bit of information ..directly from the mind of the Chairman.

    let's say that you play the ball just a bit forward in your stance ..and then predict the bottom of the swing just as you are now..but have the contact work just a little bit differently ..

    please have a look

    and from that concept -

    you can see the Driver is just a bigger version of that ..but with the ball now sitting a little bit in the air..and the travel of the accelerating club head is going a bit 'up' on its own..

    anyway .

    maybe see if you can work from your longer irons into your fairway woods..and then from there ..Driver..

    keeping the concept similar and have some defined targets or shots that you're trying to bring off..that will keep your focus sharper..

    hope that is of some help


    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

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      Thanks for the help ill take a look at it.