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Swing speed radar for driving power training

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  • Swing speed radar for driving power training

    Hi again guys,
    Is some of you using swing speed radar to train effortless powerful swing? I have a tendency to go too fast too early especially with the driver. Normally hit around 190-230 meters but occasionally over 250 meters (like 3 times per year). I would like to get some more distance.. let's say to be regularly around 250m. I was wondering if having a radar would help me and my unconcious mind to understand how to swing with little effort but high velocity. The idea would be just to try to figure out how to get that club head speed as high as possible. Does that make sense? Has someone of you tried it? Any cheap but well functioning radar suggestions?

    I know that there are other factors too like smash factor, spin and launch angle, but I dont think I can afford trackman or similar products

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    I replaced my swing speed radar with an Ernest ES14 device, this has more functions, ipad support and the measurement results are close to Trackman. Simple speed radar was not.
    But I am 99 % sure, your problem is not the amount of speed, it is the too early release of the speed.
    Replace the ball with a nail, 2 inch long and the task is, to use a heavy hammer and you gave only one hit, to nail it in a doorframe.

    I bet, this task will show a totally different speed. Typically you feel that heavy 'through', while with a golf ball, typically the speed is already gone at the ball.

    That would explain the occasional 250m and the normally lower distance much better, than generally missing speed.


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      Thanks Alpine. I will check that gadget. And I will try that analogy. Right now I try to think (not succesfully every time) swinging or even throwing the club to the direction of intermediate target while clipping the tee.

      I know it's mostly timing and too much strain issue. But I was thinking that a radar or a similar gadget could help me to figure out the correct timing. If I only look at the ball flight, there are so many other factors.. and at the range I train I cannot see where my drives land.


      • Ron I
        Ron I commented
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        Ling, another factor that you could observe when you swing is the grip. If you are gripping the club too tightly, straining, you will lose speed and distance.

      • Ling
        Ling commented
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        Ron, I have been battling a bit with my grip. I think I had too loose grip earlier.. or maybe not consistent grip. I did let the club go on top of the BS which caused some disaster shots. I remember Shawn referring to this problem saying something like "If you let go of the hammer, I wont hold the nail for you". I've been trying to work on the grip lately and I think I swing better when I hold tight enough with my upper hand top 3 fingers.

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      I assume, you mean the swing speed radar, which is promoted by Paul Wilson. PW btw is a golf guy at YouTube I absolutely don't like.
      My experience whith this gadget is negative. Many measurements are obviously wrong, therefore the data is not reliable. Driver was too fast, irons tend to be slower than reality.
      The Ernest is abut 500 USD, I got is used but in decent condition for the half.
      the data is really accurate, minimum 9 of 10 measurements are reliable and very close to Trackman data.

      But, - for me- it is not a tool, which helps to improve my swing speed.


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        I will try if I can find an Ernest to give it a try and maybe buy it if I like it. I'm not a bit fan of PW either but that radar he also uses is what I was thinking of. That would only be a tool, I know the issues are with my swing. And not only with the driver but it's worse with it.

        All good tips how you have made your driver swing to be effortless and powerful are welcome.