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  • Eyes moving putting

    Really have a tough time to “quiet” my eyes on green. I think I what happens is that I don’t take a chance to read the green properly. When I do I shouldn’t trust the spot that I aim my putter and keep looking at my spot and adjusting my body to the spot.
    what has helped me is to use more of a vague spot then line my putter to that spot then focus on speed and get a bit more specific on my spot that I aim then align my body and eyes to the putter blade rather than the spot.

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    After lots of practice on the putting green, my eyes are more content. Before I pull the trigger I find a spot behind the putter head that I want the length of the backstroke to be base on distance to the hole. I don’t watch the putter head. The putter follows my eyes to the spot. Then stroke becomes automatic and I don’t peek up. I know right away if I miss it the putter path didn’t match up to my picture.
    Head position is important too. I putt lefty I make sure I look left and more on “top” of the ball rather than from angle “inside” the ball