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Do you see the ball from the side, top, or behind?

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    My key for swinging good is to not rush it. I do rush it when my eyes move or my head moves forward in the downswing. When my eyes or head moves i HAVE to rush it because all bets are off,everything has changed from the setup. A secure grip and the trebouché effect when you change from up to downswing keeps my head and eyes in place to sling the shot high up in the air. The key for this is to GATHER it and sling it away,its a pause between the up and downswing. WAIT for the WEIGHT!


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      Just finishing hockey season and noticed that just like looking at the puck. If I look at the convex outer/top side of the golf ball I tend to compress the ball/puck better If I focus on the inner convex or back convex side of the ball I tend to spin the ball and flip with more control and less power


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        this is an important observation - and there are a number of things that could play into it for each of us - eye dominance, posture, stance and beyond physiology - how one's brain processes the dynamic information of where/how we are in space and of course the object(s) we seek to move (pucks, golf balls, tennis balls et. al) I can only suspect that the eyeline into your desired action to target is a sort of 'magic path' is revealing itself to you..vs. what the Chairman describes as being 'ball' or even 'puck' focused.



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      For myself the eyes are my anchor for my golf swing center. By that I mean by letting my eyes become fixated if you will but more like extremely focused on a particular spot. Whether that be the exact spot on a ball or on the ground my eyes are able to always (when I let them) see that focus point throughout the entire swing process. The body is still able to move freely. My head IS NOT HELD STILL but moves naturally during the swing motion of sending my momentum to the target.


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        Played 18 today and noticed that for the driver it was better for me to dart my eyes horizontally and position ball off my eyeline than to roll my eyes and focus on the convex edge of the ball


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          For me...i look at back upper part of ball.....but my minds eye is not there.....when i used to break bricks in marshal arts...i saw brick but minds eye was way past back of brick or me its the end focus that matters..


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            As you are running back, turned to your left side, and looking for the ball over your right shoulder, you see that it is starting to hook back to your right. To properly execute the crossover in front of your body, you will follow the flight of the ball with your eyes and chest.