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Golf Course Maintenance & Hurricanes

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  • Golf Course Maintenance & Hurricanes

    Hurricane season is here yet again and for superintendents and golf pros alike that means getting all hands on deck to prep harder and smarter. Hurricanes pose massive threats to your golf course and can depreciate the value of your asset by causing devastation and damage.

    The most severe hurricanes are capable of 150-mile winds which can rip turf from the ground, knock down large trees, and bring the threat of storm surge if you are near the coast or bodies of water. Anything unsecured such as tools or equipment can easily become dangerous projectiles, with hurricanes capable of picking up and throwing golf carts and tearing down concrete structures.

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    Any club manager or superintendent doesn’t like to see that combination, it doesn’t stop it from happening! The 2017 hurricane season was a stark reminder of just how unforgiving Mother Nature can be to your beautifully sculpted golf course and grounds.