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  • Range focus to the course

    Hi All,

    So my range game has been improving as I have had a few "click" moments when pieces of the puzzle drop into place. However, getting range swing and focus to the golf course is proving very difficult.

    Is there any advice you can give that may help me bring some of those sweetly struck range shots to the course?


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    Hi dec, greetings to WIG friends everywhere..

    ah ..the Good Old 'Range Game Paradox' revisited..

    there are some great discussions and videos around all of this ..I'll leave it to the 'Semi-Official' WIG Archivist team to pull those together ..and just bootstrap a quick thought or two for you..

    1. the cornerstone of the WIG method is a sense of 'target' and 'target picture' ..and how your external focus relates to your sense of subsequent 'task and action'

    2. the Range Paradox is that you can find and grove and action that may or may not be related to anything other than itself -matter of fact it's almost a lock for it to happen

    3. best best is to have a clear sense of what exactly you're trying to do.. that's to say a very specific target and shot that you're working on if you're hitting balls.. one has to move past the 'just trying to find great contact' in that it's only part of the equation..

    which leads to ..

    4. the use of Drills ..which require a lot more discipline than I ever thought ..but if you're trying to get a sense of the relevant 'feels' that appear during the 'action to target' during the might make sense to do these without a ball ..just build feel..and then work on a sense of building setup around the target picture..

    the idea would be that you would more or less utilize the same process on course.. that you'd have a sense of the relevant feel that you will need to send your action to target ..know how to set up to best allow it and strike a shot ..

    easier said than done ..this is work for sure.. but it's probably the most firm path that I know of.

    back to the grind..

    cheers for now


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      Hi guys,

      I've said this on this Forum before and I'll say it again here....

      IMHO, one of the (if not THE) most important reasons....

      I've heard it a million times...

      "I cant seem to bring my Range-game to the Course"?

      That's because you don't bring your COURSE-game to the Range!!

      Pay the SAME attention to EVERY range-shot as if it were the MOST IMPORTANT course-shot you've ever faced.....
      Play each Range-shot as if it is THE MOST IMPORTANT shot you've ever faced.....
      Assign the same Attention, Intention and Consequences to your Range activity....

      Think about it....
      The golf ball and the Course do not know the difference??

      be water, my friends
      dude abides
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      "Be water, my friends"


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        I’m not seasoned enough to give advice, but will say this. I have followed Costas advice and Sunday at the range I started playing my home course in my mind. First hit the driver to a certain flag, “right center of fairway 285 yd drive”, which left me 160yds to the pin uphill, so a smooth 7 iron which left me off the backside of the green, which led to a 20 yd chip to the pin. Luckily in my mind I had a great 12ft left to right putt that I sank for birdie! Lol Though it took A LOT longer to hit a bucket of balls, I got much more out of that than just lining up and whacking shots. It was actually very fun too!
        Yes the first hole is a short par 5 but fairly steep jfyi.
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        • Jumpnjy
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          You've touched on a key element here, Fun! when you're having fun and enjoying yourself it's a lot easier to stay on task and not let doubt or worry creep into your head. Bubba Watson talks about NOT hitting buckets of range balls (that's work to him) and just playing golf, which he has fun doing. So the flip side to bringing your course to the range, is to bring the range to the course and have fun with it. Nothing wrong with playing a round and not keeping score and spend your time executing on a shot by shot basis. A missed shot can become an opportunity to get creative and even pulling it off! FUN!

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        Originally posted by Tigersx4 View Post
        Though it took A LOT longer to hit a bucket of balls, I got much more out of that than just lining up and whacking shots. It was actually very fun too!

        For the Record..... It generally takes me NINETY minutes to hit a bucket of SEVENTY balls. That includes my "record-keeping"?

        .....yes, grasshoppers..... I TRACK my PRACTICE activity just as I track my ON-COURSE activity?

        Remember......bring your course-game to the range; bring your range-game to the course...

        Neither the golf-ball nor the venue KNOW nor CARE ....

        I'll go away quietly on this one for now....

        be water, my friends
        dude abides
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        • Ken Robie
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          Ok Dude, how in depth of record keeping on the range when using range balls? And what is the quality of your ranges range balls??

        • COSTA103
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          The one thing that I do NOT concern myself with at the Range is the DISTANCE that the ball flies/carries; for exactly the point to which Ken alludes...
          Any and all yardage awareness emerges from ON-COURSE shots. My ball is never a factor because it is always the SAME!
          Beyond that, most ranges are pretty FLAT providing very POOR sight-lines with which to evaluate ball-carry?
          Even lousy range balls will feel and sound similar when you strike them solidly?

          Primarily on the Range I concern myself with accuracy/direction. Did the ball end up arriving in the vicinity of the target.
          If I was playing a Fade.....did it fade? If I was playing a Draw....did it draw?
          How closely to my intended flight pattern did the ball travel?
          Did I miss Left or Right? Was I inside of 5 feet? 10 feet?, etc...
          I even track how many times I HIT the flagpole, or identify a "near-miss" (one in which I thought I MIGHT hit the pole, but no "noise")?
          My range has a series of 4in-diameter poles about 25 feet high that give off a loud Ping when you hit it. You can hear it throughout the Range. Everyone knows SOMEONE hit it?)

          Secondarily, I evaluate myself on the quality of Contact. How solidly did I strike the ball? (kind of A-B-C contact)

          It is all a "subjective" scale, but one that I've used for years. Very similar to R-I-B-S

          I also pay close attention to how reliably I adhered to my Pre-Shot-Routine and my Level of Focus.
          Did I allow myself to be "distracted" or was I able to stay "with" the shot the whole way.

          It takes about 5 seconds at the conclusion of every shot. Well worth the time.

          dude abides

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        Hey all,

        Thanks for the advice, I will endeavour to bring the course to the range. My main issue on the course appears to be looking where the ball is going before I have hit the ball and therefore not staying with the shot to the bitter end.

        It is so much easier to keep my eyes just behind the ball though the shot at the range. I will be trying to generate the same feelings of pressure from the course on the range, I have a few months to work on it over the winter I guess.