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Latest swing still inside. getting closer tho.

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    Looking forward to the video, Gmonkey. Never thought about the second pendulum swing in the upswing/backswing before. I bet this aids your back turning towards the target or getting your arm club unit out of the way!

    My feel of the second pendulum swing on the downswing helps my arm club unit get through the ball and at the target!


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      Hi guys,
      IF one's "focus" is TARGET-oriented, the "2nd pendulum" in the backswing will be AUTOMATIC?
      The circular Energy will create that 2nd pendulum as the club passes the "maximum extension to the rear"...(rear of WHAT? rear AWAY from the TARGET?)
      The swing HINGES itself going back? The swing UN-hinges itself going FORWARD.
      (notice that there's no reference to going "DOWN"???)

      So, Ron.....If you have never contemplated the 2nd pendulum in the BACK-swing? I view that as a POSITIVE that you've never had to contemplate before!!

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        Ok guys just got back from Tenerife. Played ok not nearly as well as I had hoped. New swing ideas clearly not correct.

        Decided not to treat the fabulous courses as a driving range so just enjoyed the golf. Shot 14 over on this course.

        Swing looks awful but it was enough for me to get round and enjoy it. Hotel was great, free bar, free food and great group.

        Check out the ocean hole. You can just about see my ball land. Missed the birdy but a tap in par.

        Ron listen to Costa not me. The second pendulum idea didnt do it for me. Still check out this hole.

        Speak soon guys.

        Edit....Notice I cheat the early extention with a double knee bend instead of the stand. hahahha thats clearly not correct but that my cns trying another work around. hahahaha. That is even tougher than timing the stand. lol. I need to sort this.

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          Im going to try this.


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            Ok way too much hip rotation in my swing on the backswing creating stupid amounts of shoulder turn. Can see a few things in this action and analogy.

            I can see the path of his swing reacting much lower in his body than mine.

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              Ok chaps. Totally revamped my pivot. Allowing myself to get onto right side in the backswing for once. Has stopped the left leg knee problem. I pivot into the right foot now and I think I understand what the spine does. It is indeed exactly like a pichers throw. I think a bunch of us try and swing around the spine and clearly thats not whats going on.

              Finally think I have got the braced tilt down. Im definately feel the change in weight to front and feel that line posting from head through to lead foot. My hips clear upwards which is clearly what they should be doing.

              Also this feels natural to have arms out in front. I can also see now how arms can lift. My compact swing has not been a choice it has been a result.

              So all these changes has given my CNS a chance to do its thing.

              What im struggling with now is unfortunately the number one mantra of WIG. That is 'Swing to Target'. Im much more happy with 'hammer the nail into the door frame' as that allows me to drop and unload the lag through the turn.

              However im finding it very hard to reconsile hammering through with a swing to target. This now seems contadictory.

              What is Shawn meaning by 'Swing to target' because I think I may have got that very wrong in the past. If he is talking about catching the ball early in the lag release then ok. But to call that a swing to target hmmmmm. Thats more a feel of crushing the ball.

              I have definately taken a good few steps further down the rabbit hole. Its actually baffles me how wrong my pivot was.

              Anyway lets try and define swing to target because now im thinking I got that one real badly wrong.
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                Hey Greg...
                (hi guys?)

                Let's not confuse facts from fiction?

                "Swing to Target" is a LAW.

                "Hammer the Nail" is a suggested TACTIC that hopes to help you COMPLY with the LAW?

                It's like setting out on a trip, understanding that you have to travel essentially WESTerly…..

                But, what happens if, when you turn out of your driveway, you have to turn EASTerly???

                If you focus on where you are ultimately going, the initial/early deviations don't make any difference...

                Love this place and you guys

                dude abides

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                  I’m trying Costa. I think I have got the pivot down now but seems that my old release isn’t compatible.

                  im certain I have been swinging to target.

                  the nail thing was hit and miss.

                  i feel I need more rotation in the swing through the ball.

                  good news is that body rotation and spine is much much better. The correct release will come.

                  It’s hard to let go of old habits


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                    Originally posted by Gmonkey View Post
                    I’m trying Costa. I think I have got the pivot down now but seems that my old release isn’t compatible.

                    im certain I have been swinging to target.

                    the nail thing was hit and miss.

                    i feel I need more rotation in the swing through the ball.

                    good news is that body rotation and spine is much much better. The correct release will come.

                    It’s hard to let go of old habits
                    Hi guys,
                    Happy Easter to everyone! (sure sign of Spring?)

                    A bit of a notion about the concept of "release"?
                    IMHO, "release" is NOT something that we DO? Rather, it is something that "happens"?

                    Think about this for a minute... Under the pre-2019 Rules of Golf when we were executing a "drop" under a Relief condition...
                    We held the ball out at arm's length and..... did what?
                    We were holding onto the ball and then we "let go" (released)

                    Did you concern yourself with if your FINGERS moved first or your THUMB moved first? Did they move at the same time?

                    Of COURSE you didn't. You just CEASED holding onto the ball?

                    In a rotary motion of the human-machine with the Intent of swinging to a Target, RELEASE is inevitable and automatic.
                    The only thing that we can do to affect release is to INTERFERE. We do something to PREVENT the Release?
                    The more we think about Release, the more we are apt to "get in its way"...

                    Just "let go" and the Release will happen...

                    Love this place and you guys

                    dude abides

                    "OLD" Forum Participation

                    Entry Date: 18-JAN-2011
                    Posts: 1813
                    Thank You: 1048

                    "Be water, my friends"


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                      Ok will let go.

                      I have gone back to throwing the club and can now throw it down the line. Not had a chance to hit balls yet.

                      Feels natural and doesn’t feel like I’m releasing at the ball.

                      Will Report back. Thanks Costa


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                        Went the 9 hole training course today . Threw the club down the line into long grass. Weight and spine felt good.

                        tried to let go and release felt way more out in front and target wards than I’ve ever felt.

                        Played to that new release feel with great results. My Take away intent wants to change. Reminds me of Shawns stop crashing video. Wrist hinge feels way less rotation.

                        Few big hooks happened but no push shot. It’s literally a release point well further targetwards. Maybe I have been releasing at the ball.

                        I play a full size 18 tomorrow. Will get playing partner to video and post.

                        edit. Impact now feels like a strike with both hands. This is a different feel from my previous left side feel swing with right coming along for a ride. Only body rotation has made this impact option possible.
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                          I’ve may have unblocked a massive wall of stupidity in my understanding.

                          ive been obsessing and I mean obsessing about the throw vs swing to target.

                          ive watched about three Shawn videos on constant loop and also slow motion swings.

                          I sorted my hip turn and liked my downswing throw action but it was still inconsistent. Low pulls being the common fault.

                          so back I went to throwing club.

                          ive now concluded that there is rotation in the right arm on the backswing that I had not accounted for. I mean who would think rotation in the arm would be a good thing ? Yet I realised I do it in a throw , punch, badminton smash etc.

                          i thought any rotation would mess with the club face but it doesn’t. Not if it’s with right arm from say elbow.

                          Understand the Shawn shutter door / garage door thing now.

                          I’ve always been tempted to rotate with left hand and hang the face down wide open and I know that’s wrong. This other way I think is the proper way to do it.

                          perhaps now my swing won’t be so compact .

                          throwing the club is key. The faults are starting to identify themselves now. I must keep faith that the throw action is correct and match that to the body rotation to send to target.

                          Video as soon as I can .

                          speak soon lads
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                            Hi GM

                            glad to hear that your work continues - I read with interest on your latest and my hope is to contribute to your progress in a good way.

                            Here's my premise - is that you might benefit from a perspective and understanding on the notion of 'release' in your golf swing. The various backswing, rotational and anatomical things are all about how those forces all combine to accelerate the clubhead.

                            My favorite dynamic to see it work mechanically is shown in a couple of ways within this video.

                            What led to my useful understanding of it is the slapshot hockey demonstration and the one hand high/one hand low grip .. gathering the puck (or golf ball if you want to use a club) and sending it where you want.

                            It helped me see how the stick actually works in terms of a word that I could never quite process .. 'leverage'.. and how the tool actually works to put leverage on the ball and convert it to compression and speed.

                            one way to watch this video is to start at about the 5 minute mark and see his golf demonstration and then work backward to view the analogies and demonstrations through that viewpoint.

                            Hopefully it will help you take away a notion of how the mechanics and acceleration turn into a throw in the WIG swing.

                            While all golf swings have a 'throw' or a 'throwlike' component .. they can and do occur in different places within golf swings ..depending on the how/where/when the arms are syncing to the body - which can and will give you different appearances and feels.

                            the summary of this - maybe observe how your 'slapshot' turns into a throwing feel and figure out what backswing and drop works best with it .. it might be a way to help you find the congruent and relevant elements in your swing.

                            the sort of 'end in mind' approach ..

                            cheers for now


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                              Have you read Fred Shoemakers Extraordinary Golf? If not, give it a read (along with his follow up Extraordinary Putting).

                              Fred's approach dovetails nicely with Shawn"s. The two work well together. I think Fred's writing provide a nice "big Picture" view of improvement and how to accomplish it, especially when he talks about awareness. The book also covers throwing clubs and how to take that feel to the swing.

                              From following your posts, I think the book would clarify a lot of the issues you present.


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                                Editing a comment
                                I have BOTH of the books that 'alf is proposing. Both EXCELLENT!

                                dude abides
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                              Thanks Al. I’ll look into those books.

                              Ive just worked out there are two ways to rotate your right arm. I’ve been doing it wrong.

                              correct way is literally like a throw. I’ve been rotating too much in the forearm.

                              my hinge feels great.

                              Could be very important. Maybe now throwing to target will work .

                              Feels exactly how it sets in a one arm swing.

                              ok I’ll report and see if I can get those books.