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Latest swing still inside. getting closer tho.

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    Been doing lots of one arm right hand swings.

    Been learning a lot.

    Proper backswing is automatic because of the weight of the club. Also a much more natural move to the left side is intuitive.

    The move to the left looks like how Shawn and co start the downswing. It also happens in my throwing action.

    Maybe ball focus has stopped me from previously doing this.

    Im not certain its ball focus because this feels natural and intuitive in a one handed swing (even hitting a ball). Whereas when you get two hands on the club somehow your intent changes and this doesnt seem like a good idea.

    I am going to retain this intent in my two handed swing. Its a move toward target and also a rotary move at the same time. Pitchers do this in a throw. I always knew there was some movement towards target in the swing and this could be it. I think many people put in a linear sway but this is more forward and around.

    Will report back.

    If nothing else the one handed swing 100% sorts the backswing out.


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      Originally posted by Gmonkey View Post

      Im not certain its ball focus because this feels natural and intuitive in a one handed swing (even hitting a ball). Whereas when you get two hands on the club somehow your intent changes and this doesnt seem like a good idea.
      Hi guys,

      WHOSE "intent" IS it, Greg? One either has control over one's mental-intent or not? IF, somehow "...your intent changes...", WHERE did it change TO?
      We have to stop considering this SHIFT in mental-intention as some third-party, inevitable, unavoidable phenomenon?
      WE are (or should be) the master of our mental-intention...
      WE are responsible for our intention, as well as any "change" in it....

      Insisting that we are NOT "ball-focused" is all well and good, but if not at the ball, where did you cause your intention to shift?

      I'll go away quietly now....
      Be water, my friends...

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        Valid point Costa. I freely admit I dont know why my intent changes from one handed swing to two handed swing. Im fully prepared to believe it is because of ball focus. If after all this time I have been ball focused whilst desperatly trying not to be then logically I cant understand what it has meant to be ball focused. Thats the paradox. hahahaha.

        All im saying is that in both swings (one and two handed) the ball is in the same place and you have same task. It does kind of seem strange that one would be ball focused and the other not?

        Anyway im putting in the one arm intent into the two arm swing. That is driven by the rotation infront of the ball with the initial ground forces and hip bump leading the show. Weight on front side from the top (braced tilt). Id like to think that this isnt ball focused. Time will tell. One thing is for sure you catch the ball on an upswing. An upswing that deliveres a downwards blow.

        This intent has only been made possible with 3 aha breakthrough moments. 1. throwing the club down the line and not left. (hands at impact vs address). This is proven feedback. 2. Correct backswing arm action. Previously this has been wrong but the one handed swing has taught me to set the club with correct weight and arm and wrist automatic action. Top of backswing now feels exactly like the top of the backswing in a throw. 3. The move to the left side. The swing intent takes me target side and around (feeling like infront of the ball). Nice post up on front leg as a result. Exactly like shore fishing and an overarm throw. Previously this has been wrongly achieved by a sway and latterly with no intent of targetwards move that has resulted in the early extention.

        Anyway Costa this all seems very contrived but I promise you I have got this down to a very natural action that feels just like im slinging the club targetwards and the ball is getting in the way. It seems to adhere to all of Shawns videos I have watched a thousand times. The big key is correct backswing. I could have worked it out a long time ago. I have always thought hands were key in the backswing but it is the action of the right forearm that has really sabotaged my progress.

        Hopefully my next swing video will have you pronounce me free of ball focus once and for all.

        Thanks Costa. Speak soon.


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          I stand ready, with gavel poised...

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        Hi WIG Friends..

        been following along and remain optimistic that GM will dial in his understanding and feels for his next breakthrough.

        this can get a little tricky, especially when you go down the path of 'intention' and 'throwing action'

        one of the core tenets of WIG is the notion of getting an 'heavy unstoppable dropping weight' and then allowing the entirety of the Arm/Club Unit release automatically.

        the WIG Throwing videos often work best with the premise of throwing a big heavy medicine ball..

        now with 1 handed swings and the corresponding feels and actions.. you're on kind of a parallel path..

        it's valid - but I'm confident that you already know that..

        if you can compare the concepts in WIG to what you're working on .. I think it might reveal a lot

        cheers for now

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          My connection is good. Very good at the moment. Push shot still most common fault.

          I havent video myself so not sure if I still stand through the shot.

          Been throwing my clubs into the long grass. See attached pic. I LOST MY CLUB FOR 20 MINS IN THAT DAMN GRASS .........hahahhahahahaha

          I dont feel I have got it yet. I'll need to post my swing and get some more advice from you guys.

          Click image for larger version

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            Still no joy. Still hip thrusting toward the ball. Contact is great always however release seems to rely on unconcious standing through the downswing. Still no idea why im doing it. Should I feel as though my swing is behind me more? maybe that would allow my posture to delay the extension?? I dunno. Im struggling now. Maybe Ive taken it as far as I can. The EE doesnt effect short irons as much so im playing to 9-10 over. The push right is costing me 5 shots a round. Id be steady low singles without it. Ive tried the face on view and took a photo of my impact. Those who understand will see the glaring errors. The stand through the shot is natural and clearly a result of something im doing beforehand. I bet the solution is simple but elusive. It aint trying to keep my butt on a wall or chair because then im just gonna shank it or heel it or deck it. I need an intent fix.

            One day im gonna fully sort this and what a post that will be.........but not today hahaha




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              Tempo is too fast Gmonkey.

            • Schrodinger
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              Hi Gmonkey - Check out your right hand grip in slow motion on your DTL view. Your fingers and thumb are getting pried loose in the backswing and you are regripping at the top/transition ready for downswing. What about tweaking your ball position a bit more towards the target (maybe an inch) because your ball trajectory looks quite low . You seem to be releasing a bit early but that could be because the ball position is a bit too far back in your stance.

              So imho, ball position a little more forward in your stance and stabilising the right hand grip (ie. a firmer grip but not so much that it stops your wrists being oily).
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              Hi Gmonkey,

              Although some of the same issues are there, I do see improvement with your swing!

              We need both time and space in the swing. As to time, I agree with the "too fast tempo" comment. But the other thing is the space issue, meaning, as you know, the hips/pelvis encroaching the space between you and the ball, especially in the downswing.

              We talked about this before, but what I still see is your weight pressure moving out toward the toes of your lead foot through much of the swing (and it looks like it pretty much stays there) which isn't allowing you the space you need in the downswing, and thus the early extension. So what to do?

              This is more of a feel solution, rather than an intent solution as you mentioned, but it might be worth a try. If you can get the sense of the weight pressure moving into your rear heel in the backswing, then allow that weight pressure to feel like it stays there momentarily in the transition as the hips/pelvis begin to open, and then allow the weight pressure to feel that it travels into the lead heel as you continue your downswing. In real time, from the transition to downswing, it will feel more like the weight pressure travels directly from rear heel to lead heel, and this should move the weight pressure off of the lead toes and help you keep your hips/pelvis back (i.e., posterior on the line) and stop you from encroaching the space between you and the ball, which should allow you to continue to rotate through the ball without (or at least minimizing) the early extension.

              As I mentioned, this is more of a feel solution, but it might be worth a try. It will probably seem foreign to you so you might want to try this pressure shift feel from the rear heel to lead heel without a ball first, then go ahead and try it with a ball and see what happens. If it makes a positive difference with the early extension issue then you can incorporate this new pressure shift feel with the intent (e.g., throwing the club analogy) that you mentioned.

              I hope this helps!

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            Hi GM

            honestly as a motion and swing pattern it looks pretty good .. a lot to like about it and clearly some good progress with I believe a lot of upside with relatively little 'rework'..

            the apparent 'Gordian Knot' of this is that I think that you need to get your chin up off your chest.. I think that you're cutting the actual arm extension and resulting Driver path off .. and having to work the club a bit up and in and then swing with the shoulders to make up the speed is all of a piece.

            I would have you try and mark out a path or use a headcover or object the reinforces the optics of having the head of the club a bit more away from you and then working up to your backswing..

            I think the bigger arc and longer resulting drop and acceleration would give you the same swing speed without the 'quick through' cut that you can't always time..

            I believe that your current sightline and optics work OK with the shorter clubs as it's more natively where the action will take place .. I think that working from longer irons into hybrids and then into driver might help you get the sense of wider arc and resulting longer tempo ..

            This won't be easy - as you have patterned this and likely can make it work most of the time ..but depending on what shot you're trying to play or the line you're playing .. relying on a relatively high tempo driver swing to generate speed is kind of challenging..

            if I could get you a sense of a higher chin and resulting eyeline and a grip and path a bit more away from you and have you get used to that .. I think that you would make a step forward.

            I also think that with having to put less power into the swing and have more Gravity/Momentum in it .. the grip issues would likely be resolved as well..

            just my 2 cents ..



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              Great comments lads. All of them. Will implement and report back . Can see merit in all your feedback .

              Have a a good weekend


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                To go along with my earlier comments, I thought I would put a couple videos in here too . . .

                For my point about having an awareness of and feeling the weight pressure in the heels here's an old Shawn video to give you a visual for what I'm talking about with the pressure shift into the heels, keeping the posterior back to give you the space you need as you maintain your center of gravity and counterbalance your swing . . .

                And the tempo of this song to help with the tempo of your driver swing . . .


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                  And here is a very inspiring video which shows you don't need to shift weight onto a front leg to hit the ball. What this proves is that the body will find a way if you have the correct focus intent.


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                    Hi guys I have been working through your comments.

                    first thing was shrodingers observation that my hand came off the club in backswing. I wondered why this was. I had no idea why I was doing this. Anyway I realised I did not do this in my one handed swing. So I put the same feel into my swing. It feels way more pressure on the top of the shaft. Certainly a different feel and my thumb now feels much better grip. Their is much less of a lateral feeling in backswing. I thought this was picking up the club but it clearly isn’t.

                    kid.... I have added width and slowed down my swing.

                    Cally im gonna work in the weight distribution.

                    So feeling more positive now and hitting some good shots. The new hinge does feel like I’m hammering down more and I get more check spin on wedge.

                    I think the feel of down instead of out will help my EE.

                    so I’m down and out hahaga

                    speak soon forum friends


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                      Aha Shrodinger. That’s a big clue. I went back up to the club today. I worked out how to swing without that thumb release on the backswing. It put me on the same plane as the one handed swing.

                      I then swung to target with the swing releasing the club.

                      to me it felt like an over the top chop left. It’s completely different to what I’ve been doing. I think the over the top feeling is immune to the early extension because the forces are not pulling you out.

                      hmmmmm this really could be a breakthrough. I mean the spin I could get on short check wedges was incredible.

                      Prepare to judge Costa . Video soon


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                        Originally posted by Gmonkey View Post
                        Cally im gonna work in the weight distribution.

                        I'm sure you've seen this video in the past, but I thought would add it here for review as it covers some of the things you're working on, i.e., the tempo and the weight pressure transfer, which I believe will help you resolve the early extension issue . . .

                        Remember how Shawn has said that the weight shift happens from BEHIND us. This goes all the way back to Shawn's old downswing weight shift video that I posted earlier in this thread. And this is what I was getting at when I was trying to describe the feel of the pressure shift from the rear heel in the backswing transferring into the lead heel while in the transition. You can see Shawn doing this pressure shift in this Sequence Your Golf Swing video during his regular swings, but especially when he shows the swing in slow motion. BTW, Shawn shows this swing sequence in the context of throwing the club which I know is one of the analogies you have been using in your swing.

                        So the PAUSE in the transition is important not only for your tempo, but also to allow you the time to transfer your weight pressure, as it's during the PAUSE in the transition where this pressure shift from the rear foot to the lead foot begins while the arms are either just completing the backswing or for sure before the arms start to move into the downswing. This is the Wait for the Weight feeling of the arms/club in the transition as the pressure in the feet is passed from the rear heel to the lead heel. I know it may not feel the same for everyone, but for me it feels like the transfer goes from the rear heel into the lead heel in the transition before the change of direction of the arms/club into the downswing.

                        Anyway, this is what I was trying to describe before, but it's not easy to communicate a feeling with words. And just to add to what I said before, for me it feels that my hips/pelvis are moving slightly back and away from the ball in the transition (giving me more space) which sets up the downswing in a way to essentially prevent the early extension or standing up through the shot. Some people might describe this feeling as the squat to start the downswing.

                        I hope some of this makes sense as I think it could go a long way in helping you eliminate the early extension issue.


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                          Originally posted by Cally View Post
                          Remember how Shawn has said that the weight shift happens from BEHIND us. This goes all the way back to Shawn's old downswing weight shift video that I posted earlier in this thread.
                          I thought I had posted Shawn's downswing weight shift video early on in this thread, but I just looked through it again and I guess I didn't. So I wanted to put it in here now for reference . . .


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                            Hi Cally mate. I’m struggling to get Shawns weight videos you posted.

                            When you power throw a ball you move over your right hip. You don’t back to target with the feel of lead leg one leg swing. Nobody throws like that.

                            Same with the feet together thing. The feet together drill stops you going from right hip to left.

                            Im going to take a look at Sean’s swings to see if he actually does this in his real swing. I don’t see one tour swing that complies to those videos.

                            Ill look into this because odds on I’m wrong. I’m an early extender and Shawn is border line genius. But look at Rory’s hip action et al. They do not do what is being suggested here?