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When and what to think about?... TASK versus a Picture of my Shot?

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  • When and what to think about?... TASK versus a Picture of my Shot?

    Hi, Thinking about "driving a nail into a board reallly helps me to not come over the top. Also thinking about the "picture of my shot "say when I am on the tee box or any shot for tha matter also is huge. So since you can't think about two things what does one think about? he shot pictuure or the the task of driving the nail? Are task thoughts just for the range?

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    Doc how about thinking: Drive the nail through your IT (intermediate target) at the picture. We have to think of the swing in dynamic terms that is moving in a direction at a target. This has helped me. I remember at one time I would have one swing thought that seemed to help me perform well, but that soon changed and I had to struggle to find a another swing thought. I was struggling to find which one would work today. Finally, I made my swing thought or task to: Throw the club through the IT at the target. My IT is a spot on the ground in front of the ball by about a foot. And my target is off in the distance like a tree or bunker that is in the direction where I want my ball to land.

    Hope this helps.


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      Make it easier on your brain. Have you ever played really good pool/billiards? Think about where you want the club face to intersect the ball and what you want the ball to do in reaction to that impact. I.E. where does the billiard ball go and what does it do after the first and second impact. Golf is exactly the same thing on paper. environmental conditions aside.