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The subconscious mind and experience

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  • The subconscious mind and experience

    I've been using Shawn's method for about 8 years and have taken lessons with him quite a few times. His talk on the subconscious and predicting abilities of the brain is what fascinates me.

    This post is related to the amazing power of our brain and the subconscious. The video link below is about Cristiano Ronaldo and his physical abilities as a footballer. There is a segment in the video at 24:45 where he predicts where a ball is going to be as soon as it's hit by someone and the place becomes completely dark. That was the most impressive part about his predicting ability that came from years and years of practice imprinted on his subconscious. It's a great video to watch in it's entirety.
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    so good to see you back on the boards - I did enjoy the video and appreciate you sharing it.

    it's intriguing to me in that as there are likely schools of swing .. there are also likely to be schools of perception/prediction ..

    and I would speculate that what we understand as 'golf' or 'athleticism' is a sort of combination of

    perception of where you are in space and how that feels....

    an understanding of what you intend to do and how you see the lines of intention & action

    how you sequence your body to produce that motion relative to your intention..

    once it's sort of 'baked in' .. assuming it works .. or works well enough..

    it becomes 'unconscious'

    which might account for the how/why these things are easier to learn as a child.. as all the stuff is sort of 'wiring up' anyway.. what's one more thing>??


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