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    Happy new year!
    Hooray, we had yesterday and today +8 degrees Celsius and only slight rain.
    My first appearance on the course after a 2 month break.
    I started a new job in November, after my last working day before Christmas, I got a sinusitis, which lasted until few days ago.
    So my expectations were low, indeed, the first swings felt weird, like my left hand training.
    But I had a plan.
    To stick consequently with the developed WIG principles plus my new goal for 2019.
    The goal is improving my weakness, my left arm tends to break. If I concentrate to that, I typically loose my focus to the appropriate task.
    My internal thinking (on the range, training), is to turn fully and lift both arms close together. The well known arm swing illusion, not to fold the arms around the breast, instead lift them freely in front of the body, therefore the full turn is needed.
    You see, basic WIG.

    2 face means for me, doing that body turn/arm lift by feel, but my eyes stay with the grass under the ball consequently.

    And yes, if my thinking is wandering to the backswing, away from the cutting grass under the ball, this leads typically to worser shots.

    On my round today I sticked consequently with my training idea 2 face and it worked better and better,

    The free wheeling arms, after proper and full turn, led to effortless very good distances and direction. 220 or even 230m carry were not too bad in the middle of the winter after an influenza.

    I learned my lesson. Stick with WIG principles AND with 1 single focus idea, not like years before, 5 diffent per round and 20 different ideas per week.

    That really pays off.
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    glad to see you're back in action, hope you continue to feel better and keep us posted as to 2019's progress.. having seen some videos of your swing at some point, I suspect that with renewed SINGLE focus on where you want the force to go .. you might enjoy this game..


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