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Proof that WIG works?

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  • Proof that WIG works?

    I played last Aug 2018 . Not hit a ball until 6 weeks ago when I shot an 85 , then took another break and hit 87 yesterday.

    So all I used was a bit of a perpetual motion over an intermediate target, moved the machine towards the ball , using my judgement of where the ball should be to match my intent and then just 'let go' . Let my arms fall into the back swing and fall through the forward swing .

    I did the same for my putting and it worked wonders.

    I played a few ropey shots at the beginning when my external focus was poor , but it became easier as I persevered through the round (became almost meditative to be honest) and my score could have been a lot lower.

    WIG works!

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    Yes WIG does work, it would put all these modern swing teachers out of business, over the last few weeks of last year I was trying some of the other positional golf swing techniques and felt like a train had hit me the next day!
    sore back, hands and wrists, etc. The modern swing doesn’t allow longevity for you to play, already have a back it’s insane to even think about it. WIG can be injury free.