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How to forget about the ball?

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  • How to forget about the ball?

    Hey dear golfers,
    I am trying to forget the ball when i am playing, cause i think it will delivers better shot when you let your body do the job rather than thinking techniques and hit at the ball (i guess that's the concept of wig to not think of the ball)
    So if you have any good tips on how to forget about it, you're more than welcome

    I have tried to practice analogies and task, maybe if that is your answer to the question, you can describe how doing a task let you forget about the ball


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    Well, if you want to forget about the ball... Just forget about the ball ;-)

    At setup, I feel the ball is in the way of me swinging to the target with a specific shot shape. After that, I only keep in mind the shot shape and the target during the full swing and deliver out there. I sometimes lost my focus but it's ok. I know what happened.


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      Hi guys,
      I have long wanted to espouse on a key element in MY belief in golf (and in WIG)…
      and perhaps this post will push me to expound in detail...

      However...In the interest of brevity, I will provide MY answer to igolfeur's underlying question...

      How do I "...forget about the ball..."?

      I long ago asked myself that same question.... I reasoned that the FIRST step in "forgetting" about something is to STOP THINKING about it?
      WHY do I insist on "thinking" about the ball?

      Because I insist on LOOKING at it?

      The location of the ball is pertinent as a geographical reference point that guides you to the location upon this planet upon which you need to place your feet and adopt your posture.

      End of need to pay attention to the ball...

      IF your intention is to "forget" the ball, WHY would you continue to LOOK at it?

      I just don't LOOK at it?

      Rather I look at the BOTTOM of the ARC which I am planning to create;

      Somewhat in FRONT of the ball with an Iron (during which I am attempting a DESCENDING contact with the ball)..
      and somewhat to the REAR of the ball with Driver (during which I am attempting an ASCENDING contact with the ball)?

      Once I have made my final verification of my position/posture (that I must confirm by LOOKING AT the ball), the ball, quite literally, SCREAMS UP at me: "WHY are you LOOKING at ME??"

      "Oh yeah..." and I ADJUST my vision-focal-point to the appropriate spot and pull the trigger.

      I fully realize that it sounds totally COUNTER-INTUITIVE, but it really is not....

      IF you are trying to FORGET something.....WHY would you INSTIST on continuing to LOOK AT it??

      Love this place and you guys...

      dude abides

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