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  • Backswing & Release

    We had a very cold January in Germany, no chance to play. But maybe tomorrow. So, I made my very first golf movements at home this year to check, how it feels, how it goes.
    Last year finally the focus or external thought throwing a frisbee with the weak / left arm was fantastic. So I exercised that motion with a club in my left hand. Immediately I made a wonderful full body turn and the swing through was with a late release. Not forcing that, it came intuitively.

    Check out that easy task, seems a good idea to achieve the good things in a golf swing, full turn, not crashing, late release/lag.

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    Very useful sensation for the majority of golfers being right handed as the left hand /arm tends to be weak and uncoordinated,,,
    I think it really helps with getting your arms moving first in the downswing and will certainly help people who suffer with extension in the left wrist causing the club to point right at the top
    Also worth trying to get the same sensation with the right hand but going in the same direction as you swing


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      I plan to hit golf balls only with the left hand ....if it gets warmer in my region...somewhen.


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        At this point we've been using mats which give better success with a somewhat shallow swing plane. As a result my most useful swing thought has been skipping a stone. This usually changes as I begin playing and encountering divots, downhill lies, and other obstacles.
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