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Do you see/visualize the path of the club face through the ball in your set up?

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  • Do you see/visualize the path of the club face through the ball in your set up?

    Do you see the picture of how your club face is moving as it travels through the impact with the golf ball? What I mean is can you visualize the concept of your club face moving in an arc (tilted to the ground) as it goes through the ball. Or are you only thinking in terms of a straight line path? In Shawn's early working the ball videos he is using a fan shaped ball tray to simulate that arc. I find that when I focus on that concept the ball is so much easier to control flight path and shape.

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    No, I saw the respective Video of Shawn of course.
    But everything that is around the ball brings my strong ball focus back.
    I am since months very happy with 2 simple thoughts.
    1. Is about to really turn
    2. Later, on a totally different spot, I release into the picture.

    My idea is, if the 'position' I achieve with a correct turn and backswing and the release are sound, the stuff in between like club path and acceleration is nearly automatically good.
    I don't even see the ball, I totally ignore it.


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      Hi guys,

      I can honestly say that I do not SEE ANYTHING as my club passes through the "impact-zone"?
      I SEE that image as I SET-UP to my shot?
      But once I'm satisfied that my "set-up matches my picture", I just swing such that I'm delivering ENERGY towards my target.
      What happens in the general vicinity of the ball.......I do not know nor care.

      I'll go away from this one quietly, now....

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      • Ken Robie
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        That's what I'm talking about is the pre-swing set up visualization.

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      I agree with you Costa and Ken. On my solid hits, my focus is on my swing matching my visualization/picture! However, to accomplish this my swing has to go through the ball to the target! On my mishits, I hit the golf ball with what I call a "Good Miss". It wasn't a solid hit but the results were good, but not great.


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        think i have seen a vid where a gabrielle wulf
        experiment with novices concluded that concentration on club head and its arc gave top results ?


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          Rich, I'm not sure what is meant by Wulf's concentration on club head and arc. It might be the same idea of focusing on the swing matching the picture. As I see it you visualize your shot (fade, draw, the intermediate target or where you want your swing to go). Then you set up your club head with your grip to match your visualized shot. Take a practice swing to see where the arc of the swing brushes the ground and move up (the machine) to the ball. Then set up: See your intermediate target, visualize your swing to the target and focus on getting a feeling that your set up matches your picture. Then you make the swing that matches your picture/visualization. You let your internal nervous system, instincts and gravity swing the club head on the arc to the target.

          My point is that Wulf's point and Shawn's way can be the same idea only using different words.


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            I swing down the line, straight to the target.
            swing down the line