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"And, good focus needs training".

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  • "And, good focus needs training".

    I believe "And, good focus needs training" is a good topic to discuss as we sit around the clubhouse talking and thinking about our last round highs and lows.

    For me and judging by comments on the forum many others WIG members believe this is what is keeping us for being more consistent on the course. What I have been working on to keep my focus during a round of golf are pre-shot and post shot routine. My pre-shot routine is about getting me focused to the task at hand and get my internal focus to feel the shot I want to hit.

    My pre-shot routine needs more training, but it is making me more consistent. My miss hits (hitting the ball a little fat or thin)aren't what I visualize but the ball went towards my target. My pre-shot routine starts with standing behind the ball and terminating what shot I want to hit (taking into account the wind, hazards, yardage, club and the best land area). After determining that, I visualize the ball's flight and landing. Pick an intermediate target to accomplish this. Take a few practice swings trying to feel the swing I want to hit. Next I look for my IT and walk up the ball and set up to hit the shot. Here I try to get comfortable about my set and feel that I can hit the shot I visualize. This usually involves seeing club head, the ball, the IT and the swing path I need to make towards my target.

    My post shot routine involves an acceptance of where the ball ends up and an evaluation of my swing. How was my grip pressure ( a personal problem with me. Did I finish my swing to the target. Where did I have a blackout or lose my target focus?

    Yeah, I know my post routine needs more thought. I usually just evaluate the result of my shot and try to determine and swing flaws I might have experienced. I do this by mentally replaying the swing feel and notice what didn't feel good.

    Any one have suggestions for my routine? Or what do you do for a pre and post routine?

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    Hi Ron,

    Your routine sounds pretty darn good to me!

    As far as pre-shot routines, your post made me think of Shawn's video on how many practice swings should we do before a shot . . .


    • Ron I
      Ron I commented
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      I can identify with Shawn when he says (around 3:12), " took a practice shot and I know what was missing, so you can go ahead a take your shot." You really don't need to have a perfect practice shot. Most important to choose where you want to start ball and where do I want the ball to end!
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    Ron, and anyone else who cares to chime in,

    I'm just wondering what you do for a pre-shot routine with a greenside bunker shot. Do you do practice swings over the ball? Or maybe just some practice swings in the grass (like a flop shot to somewhat simulate the bunker shot swing) before setting up in the bunker?

    After seeing where I would like to land the ball on the green I just set-up in the bunker, and without a practice swing, while hovering the club head above the ball I imagine and predict the feel of the sole of the club thumping through the sand. I usually get pretty good results like this, but I can always improve.