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A Mindful Walk in Putting

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  • A Mindful Walk in Putting

    This is a rough cut of the putting routine we came up with! WITH NO PRACTICE PUTTING STROKE!! This was the first and only take.

    Ben is ADHD with some traits that are unique to Aspergers, The ADHD major problem is with respect to impulsively rushing. The Aspergers creates the problem of having tunnel vision which prevents to see things in a macro or abstract way. So we came up with the mindful walk which focuses you on the awareness of the green between the ball and the hole and how the green and gravity are going to push the ball into the hole.

    When Ben does this there is no flip of the putter head at the ball nor a shove of the putter at the hole. This happens every time.

    If a pitcher in baseball does not do a practice throw before a pitch why do golfers need a practice swing or putting stroke.