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The "football drills" video is really, really, really, really good.

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  • The "football drills" video is really, really, really, really good.

    I've been trying to hit a reliable draw for about 5+ years now, and the football drills video opened the door! It's much easier to feel the correct tilt, release, and "strain free" feeling. Just throw the ball to your friend!

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    I can't believe the change in some of my students using this drill. Shawn this is one of your best. I noticed even a change for me for plane of wedge and the difference of plane with the driver. Make sure you are always throwing and focusing on a target. I suggest that everyone watch the video.


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      You have massive rotation of face in backswing and down swing. You clearly must have good coordination. Unless im seeing things wrong you look wide open face at top. Its not the best camera angle but that is what it looks like to me.

      Dont think of the swing path as an arc.

      Think of the swing as a drop inside and then a swing to target.

      I can see what you are doing and its not flawed technique its just the inevitable conclusion to a rotary intent.

      FORGET THIS DRIVEL lol. My mistake. Your face aint open. Sorry. God knows what i was looking at. Would be pointing down not at the sky like that. I must have had a senior moment. That face is 100% not open lol. hahahaha Cant believe I made such a basic error lol. Surprised no one pulled me on it. hahaha
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        That was the final missing link. More distance to the ball, space to come around. Wow. Golf is easier than you think...if all puzzle pieces fit together.
        Today my best finish ever, 4 Birdies in row, and only 1 longer putt of approx 5 m. The other 3 were tap in.
        #16 and 18, Par 3s were close to hole in one.
        What does Shawn often says in his videos? That was fun.


        • COSTA103
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          Well done, my friend....
          My all-time best number of birdies is 8 in 18 holes...
          But NEVER four-in-a-row to FINISH!?!

          Too bad golf is only an 18-hole game, eh?

          dude abides

        • Cally
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          Wait a minute . . . golf is 18 holes? Are you kidding me? I thought I was doing really, really well now that I'm finally shooting in the high 70's.

          Now just so I have this straight, you're telling me that a full round of golf is 18 holes? Now I know what my playing partners mean when they say, aren't you playing the back 9 today? I always thought they were just playing another round of golf an a different course.

          Yikes, I guess I'm not anywhere near as good as I thought I was!

          Seriously though, you guys making all these birdies in the same round are really good!

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        And today, after 4 days golfing in a row, tired, no focus, I was far away from that.
        Golf at its best.